Timotei шампунь «Интенсивное восстановление»

Shampoo Timotei Intensive restoration allows you to restore the surface of damaged hair, giving 100% of the root from the roots to the tips. Shampoo Timotei contains an innovative complex Botanik-3 — a well selected combination: 100% natural ingredients (extract, oils); vitamins B5, C, E; caring components. Thanks to the Botanik-3 complex, the Timotei formula contains even more nutritional components for vitality and superior appearance of your hair. The formula, enriched with natural oils of avocado and macadamia nuts, as well as pistachio extract, helps restore the dry and damaged surface of hair and give the hair a well-groomed look and silkiness. For additional strengthening of hair, use balm-rinse aid Timotei Intensive recovery.



В холодное время года даже нормальные волосы могут стать суше, чем обычно. Попробуйте шампунь с увлажняющими и питательными компонентами, а также подберите к нему подходящий кондиционер.

Ольга Ольга