Cómo usar el aceite de romero para prevenir la caída del cabello

Desde estimular el crecimiento capilar hasta cubrir las canas, el aceite de romero para el cabello es un poderoso aliado natural. ¡Conoce sus beneficios!

In the search for environmentally friendly alternatives, free of chemicals and kind to our body, natural oils are a great solution to treat specific hair problems. Rosemary oil for hair is a powerful ally to stimulate growth and combat hair loss.

However, this shrub of Mediterranean origin also benefits hair in other ways. Get to know them!

Curly black haired woman applying rosemary oil to her hair
After checking out the benefits of rosemary oil for hair, you won’t want to let it go! Credit: All Things Hair.

Rosemary is a plant that has been used since ancient Greece and continues to be popular in the culinary, medicinal, and hair fields. Rosemary oil promotes circulation and oxygenation of the pillar follicles, promoting growth, strengthening the roots and improving the structure of fine and brittle hair.

Benefits of rosemary oil for hair

By stimulating the blood circulation of the scalp and unclogging the hair follicles, rosemary oil for hair stimulates growth, counteracting hair loss.

Thanks to its antiseptic and moisturizing properties, rosemary oil for hair prevents flaking of the scalp (dandruff), caused by the accumulation of bacteria and dryness. Consequently, your roots will be cleaner and more moisturized.

Although it might seem contradictory, this oil is a powerful sebum regulator. This means that it is able to control the oil production of the scalp.

Finally, rosemary oil for hair deepens dark tones, so it is not recommended for light hair.

Rosemary oil for hair
By stimulating blood circulation to the scalp and unclogging hair follicles, rosemary oil stimulates hair growth. Credit: Shutterstock.

A good way to use rosemary oil for hair is by adding your favorite products with 10 drops of this oil. Allow to rest for a day so that the mixture is concentrated.

Like most essential oils, it is preferable not to apply it directly to your scalp. You should also make sure not to touch your eyes when handling it, as the oil can cause irritation and burning.

Products with rosemary oil for hair

Another simpler solution is to purchase products formulated with this oil, such as the Sedal Crecimiento Antistress line of shampoo  and combing cream , with biotin and rosemary extract; together, they help hair grow naturally up to two inches in four months.

If your concern is dandruff, we suggest you try the Savilé Control Dandruff Coconut Oil and Rosemary 2-in-1 shampoo . It cleanses the hair thoroughly, eliminating the trace of visible dandruff and reducing itching through constant use. You will enjoy soft, hydrated and beautiful hair.

What other natural remedies do you know for hair loss? Join the conversation on Instagram ( @allthingshairmex ), where you will find a community of hair care devotees, just like you!

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