TRESemmé Botanic Moisture & Replenish Conditioner

Is It Right For Me?

Looking to add the goodness of nature to your haircare regime? This botanical blend conditioner is enriched with coconut milk, coconut oil and aloe vera, so it will hydrate and moisturise your precious locks. This formula brings out your hair’s natural beauty without any unwanted ingredients: it has zero parabens, dyes and silicones.

Best for:

  • Dry Hair Dry Hair
  • Dull Hair Dull Hair
  • Smoothing Smoothing

Top Tip

Avoid conditioning the roots as it roots often results in an oily scalp and greasy hair. So when you’re conditioning your hair, apply product from mid-lengths to ends.

How To Use

Begin by washing your hair. Once the your hair is rinsed thoroughly, apply to wet hair, focusing on mid-lengths to ends. Leave in for 2 to 3 minutes and rise thoroughly.

Brushing detangling

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