Top 5 looks you need to try for men with medium-length hair

Thinking of growing out your hair? We say go for it! Men’s medium hairstyles are becoming super popular right now. And with stars like Chis Hemsworth and Timothée Chalamet embracing medium-length hair, it makes total sense. And even better, men’s medium hairstyles are easier to style than long hairdos, and offer more flexibility than short hair. What’s not to love?



men's medium hairstyles: man with straight-back cornrows and beads at the end of each cornrow
Source: Unsplash

Of course, we had to start this list with an old school favourite! Cornrows are an OG medium-length hairstyle that, like all braids, simply never go out of style. Spice up your look by adding some beads to the ends of your braids.


The Timothée

men's medium hairstyles: man with light brown, medium-length wavy hair
Source: Unsplash

Hands up if Dune is now on your list of Top 5 favourite movies? It’s definitely on ours… for the plot, of course. In all seriousness though, lead actor Timothée Chalamet has definitely popularised this medium-length hairstyle in recent years. It frames the face and emphasises a strong jawline, so if that’s your aesthetic, try out this look.

The key feature of this look is the soft layered curls and waves. If you have natural curls or waves, emphasise them with a curl-defining product. We love the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie for this.

TRESemmé Care and Protect Heat Defence Spray_front of bottle image_300ml_product image

If you need to heat-style your medium-length hair to achieve those soft curl hairstyles, don’t forget to apply heat protectable before styling. The TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray is our top choice for this — it will keep your hair looking good and help protect your hair from the heat.


Slicked back

men’s medium hairstyles: man with slicked-back medium-length, dark brown, slightly wavy hair
Source: Adobe Stock

Whether you’re aiming for the chic ‘cool guy’ look or you’re just running short on time, slicked back hairdo’s are perfect men’s medium hairstyles. This is because it is the quintessential look for every cool guy, from Loki to Al Pacino. And for that second point — if you don’t have time to wash and perfectly style your hair you can simply slick it back and nobody will ever know.

The key to getting men’s medium hairstyles is to use a good, strong-hold gel. The VO5 Sculpted Mega Hold Styling Gel is a gem that will hold your style in place all day and night, no matter the weather.


Slick top knot

men’s medium hairstyles Man with topknot hairstyle and undercut
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If you’re looking for a medium-length hairstyle that’s a bit more practical, we suggest you try the slick top knot. Tied neatly at the top of your head, your hair will be off your neck and face, and out of your way — perfect for summer. To give the look a bit of an edge, simply add an all-round undercut.



men’s medium hairstyles: man with medium-length locs hairstyle
Source: Unsplash

Another classic, this medium-length hairstyle is one that you can nurture as your continue to grow your hair. Locs look amazing in any colour and at any length, which automatically makes it a favourite for us at All Things Hair HQ. For a more interesting vibe, wear the locs forward at the front hairline, kind of like a long fringe.

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