7 Protective Styles for Men

Protective styles for men don’t all have to look the same and we can prove it! Protective hairstyles have the job of shielding your natural hair from damage caused by environmental factors like the sun, while allowing it to grow. A protective hairstyle may be a look with a purpose, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change them to reflect your unique style. Read on to find out about 7 customisable protective hairstyles.


1. Cornrows

protective styles for men: man with cornrows hairstyle
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A classic when it comes to protective hairstyle for men is cornrows. This hairstyle helps protect your natural hair and is totally customisable. To create a unique look, we recommend switching up the width of your cornrows, or changing how you section your hair.


2. Braids

protective styles for men: man with box braids and shaved sides
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Trust us when we say braids are a protective look for men that you can use to flex your style. Choose loads of mini braids for a fuller and more textured look, or try thick braid for a neater and cleaner vibe. Pair your braids hairstyle with an undercut to create a clean look that’s pure fire.


3. Mini twists

protective styles for men: man with mini twists blond hair
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Mini twists are a fantastic protective hairstyle for those focusing on their hair length – and they’re an easy look to make your own. To give your look an old school hip hop vibe, pair this protective style for men with a bandana.


4. Man bun

protective styles for men: man with a man bun hairstyle
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The greatest thing about a man bun is that it keeps your hair out of your face while protecting your tresses. This hairstyle is an excellent modern style that looks fabulous in all hair types. To style a man bun your way, try pairing this protective hairstyle for men with an undercut, or some shaved detailing near your hairline.


5. Faux Dreadlocks

protective styles for men: man with a floral shirt wearing faux dreadlocks in a bun
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Faux dreadlocks are a great option if you’re looking for a protective hairstyle for men that doesn’t need daily maintenance. Overall, they are a great protective option if you’re looking for a style with length and texture that can be made to suit your own personal style.


6. Short dreadlocks

protective styles for men: dancing man with short dreadlocks hairstyle
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Not ready for long hair quite yet? Try short faux dreadlocks to protect your tresses and frame your face. Shorter dreads are just as textured as long locs, and can be much easier to style. This protective style for men is a great option if you’re looking for a new signature look.


7. Beanie

protective styles for men: man wearing a beanie and fur jacket
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Beanies are a total winner because they hide your tresses on a bad hair day and protect your strands from the harsh winter conditions. Although a beanie isn’t technically a protective hairstyle for men, it is an extremely useful hair accessory that protects your delicate natural locks from the wind and rain, as well as from potential breakage from tangles. Claim the beanie look as your own with a signature beanie, or use beanies to add pops of colour to your outfits. Just do you!


Fight flyaways

To keep your unique protective style looking smooth and flyaway free, we recommend giving your style some extra moisture. We highly recommend a product that contains nourishing oils to help lock moisture into your naturally  strands.

We suggest TRESemmé Botanic Nourish & Replenish Rich Oil Mist to add hydration to moisture-lacking hair. This formula has rich oils from coconut and corn, as well as aloe vera, to coat and smooth your strands, leaving them moisturised and shiny.


Feed your scalp and roots

For your hair to be healthy, it needs a healthy environment to grow in. So, to reduce potential styling damage while wearing your protective style, we recommend using a product designed to nourish your scalp and your roots. This will also promote healthy growth, which is great.

Use TRESemmé Moisture & Replenish Botanic Hair Food to maintain and protect your hair’s natural moisture. This product is fantastic for relieving itchy scalp too because the rich blend of coconut milk and aloe vera in the formula moisturises your skin.


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