Men’s natural haircuts: 7 looks everyone is wearing right now

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Looking for the most popular men’s haircuts in 2020? From dreadlocks to a low fade haircut, men’s natural styles are incredibly stylish and versatile. With so many hair heroes and trends on offer, knowing which ones are worth trying this year can be difficult.

Scroll through our gallery above for all our top hairstyle picks for men, or read on for all our expert tips and advice.



1. Flat top

men's natural haircuts: male model on runway with flat top hairstyle wearing white oversized shirt.
There is nothing flat about this look. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Men’s natural hairstyles don’t get more iconic than the flat top haircut.

Instantly throwing up memories of Will Smith roaming the school halls with an inside-out blazer, flat top natural haircuts have come full circle since their rise to prominence in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

But what is it? A flat top is a popular black men’s hairstyle which has been cut or styled to look flat across the top of the head, while the sides are trimmed into a fade haircut.


2. Sponge twists

man with a short fade haircut and curly top
Source: Unsplash

It seems like everyone is going wild for sponge twists lately. Fast becoming one of the more fashionable natural haircuts, the key to this look is much like the flat top, the top section of the hair is grown longer while the sides are kept short in a faded finish.

To achieve the sponge twist finish you’ll need to buff your hair using a specialist sponge brush.


3. Buzzcut

men's natural haircuts: male model on runway with short buzz shaved hair wearing a zip top and blazer.
This staple haircut is always a popular choice among men. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Never overlook the buzzcut when it comes to men’s natural haircuts. The close-cropped style is often considered the go-to cut for those who struggle to grow their hair or are thinning, but in fact, it’s low-maintenance quality gives it a mass appeal.

Editor’s tip: While you can create the cut yourself, it’s worth consulting your barber to find out what length you should go for, as you’ll still need to choose the one that’ll work best for your face and head shape.


4. Long and curly

men's natural haircuts: male model on runway with medium length naturally curly hair wearing a white top and leather jacket
It’s time to work with your natural texture. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

If you want to ditch the weekly trips to the barber for shape ups, then why not work with your natural texture and grow out your hair?

Allow your curly strands to fall naturally and be sure to keep your curls hydrated by using nourishing hair products.

Editor’s tip: We suggest using a wash and care routine formulated especially for hydrating hair like the Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.

Suitable for daily use, this shampoo and conditioner duo transforms your hair, so that it is soft, shiny, and healthy-looking.


5. Fade haircut

men's natural haircuts: male model on runway with a classic taper fade haircut wearing a blue jumper.
Classic taper fade haircuts are a must. Credit:

We haven’t forgotten about the much-loved fade style. Whether your hair is on the shorter or longer side, a fade haircut is a nice way to keep your style looking neat and fresh.


6. Cornrows

man with cornrows
Source: Unsplash

Now this is a look that will never go out of style. Add your own personal touch to this classic by incorporating accessories, like these beads.


7. Dreadlocks

Man in street style image with dreadlocks in updo
Try out dreadlocks for your next look. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

We know what you’re thinking, dreadlocks take time to create, but once your hair is ‘locked’, the styling options are endless.

From buns to ponytails, locs are incredibly versatile and well worth the time investment.


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