Get the Fade Haircut Style You Want

Knowing what haircut you want is one thing; describing it to your barber is another — especially when it comes to the fade haircut. There are so many different ways to fade hair. To help you get the perfect hairdo, we broke down the process and took out the guesswork. Read on for some fade haircut inspo and learn how to get the fade haircut style you really want:


Fade Haircut Styles to Switch Up Your Look



fade haircut: man with a mohawk hairstyle and faded sides
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Try getting out of your comfort zone with a mohawk fade haircut. Achieve volume and hold for your ‘hawk with a strong hold product.

We highly recommend VO5 Extreme Style Matte Clay for a hold that lasts no matter what.



man with tapered fade haircut; medium-length tops; brown hair
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Add to your hairstyle you already have by giving the sides a slight taper fade. Subtle, but very effective.


Locs with a fade

man with medium length locs on the top of his head and a fade haircut on the sides
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Switch up your locs hairstyle by adding a fade to your look! Adding a fade haircut looks great with long or short locs.


Mid high-top

man with a fade haircut, sitting on a wall
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We love how classy this fade haircut style looks. Start your fade higher up and if you’re feeling fancy, feel free to add some clipper designs on the way down your fade.


Extreme fade

man with natural hair and a neat fade haircut
Source: Unsplash

Go for an extreme fade haircut by shaving almost all of your hair toward the bottom. This adds a ton of texture and gradient to your look.


Barely There

man with natural hair and slightly faded sides
Source: Shutterstock

For those who aren’t ready to make a statement but want to give fade haircut styles a try. Add a baby fade to the front of your style.



man with a fade haircut and voluminous short hair
Source: AdobeStock

You can’t go wrong with a classy pompadour fade haircut style.

Give your pompadour some extra height with the VO5 Extreme Style Lifting Paste. And not only will this call give your hair extra lift, it will also give it hold and a subtle finish.


Fade Haircut Styles: Perfect the Look

man with brushed-back hair and a fade haircut
Source: Unsplash


Understand the types of fade haircut styles.

When it comes to fade haircuts, there is a whole world of different types of cuts. If you like going for a super-short look, try out a high fade. High fades, sometimes called bald fades, angle down much more quickly, shaving all the way down. Low fades are longer and show less skin. Instead of quickly fading into nothing, low fades mostly just angle away from the hairline.


Try out other types of fade cuts.

You can also try other types of fades! It’s not always about all of your hairline fading away. A different fade haircut style you can try is the Brooklyn fade, where just the temple area has the fade. If you like the idea of this hairstyle but want to keep more length, a scissor fade might be your best bet. This cut is done with scissors (instead of clippers) to give a clean angle without going down to your skin.


Mix and match your fade haircut.

The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can mix a fade with nearly any other cut. This is where it can get complicated to describe to your barber. First, you’ll need to know what kind of cut you are going for, then add a fade to go along with it. If you like military haircuts, you could go for the standard buzz cut and make it more interesting by adding in a Brooklyn fade.


Try out an unexpected fade.

We’re particularly fond of the mohawk fade look! It’s a typically grungy style which makes it devilishly handsome. We also like a good high fade mixed with a pompadour for a high-contrast look. Both of these styles take a bit more work, but it’s more than worth it for the sexy result.


Get prepped for your new haircut.

Before you head to the barber to get your new fade haircut style, you should wash your hair. It helps to give you the best cut that works with your natural texture. Start off by using Organics Aloe Vera Shampoo and Conditioner to make your hair nice and clean, and help keep it soft.

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