Sun Met 2020: The Best Looks of the Day

They came, they saw, and they rocked it. The Sun Met 2020 was an absolute hit, and all the beauties who pitched up did so with style, staying true to the theme of African Luxury. There was not a single hair out of place on Africa’s richest race day. Here are our top looks that we got to see at this year’s Sun Met.


Not just a plait

Woman with ponytail and extra long braid connect with a big orange ring

She liked it, so she put a ring on it. Just when you thought the high plait couldn’t get better, this fashionista took hair accessories to the next level by joining separate extensions with a bright orange hoop.


The classic afro

woman at the sun met 2020 with a red dress and big afro

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! There are so many reasons why a popping ‘fro is one of our favourite looks – at the Sun Met 2020 and every day! With its simple but larger than life look, the afro is an ideal ‘do to stand out in such a way that says “I love every part of what makes me, me”. If your afro isn’t quite this big, don’t sweat it! A natural hair wig is ideal to achieve the big afro look.

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Flower crown

woman at the sun met 2020 with a flower crown and accessory hairstyle

Yup, we called it! If you’ve followed our coverage on the Sun Met 2020, you’ll know that the flower crown has always been part of our top ten. Pretty with a hint of girly, this queen knew what she was doing.


Twisted and beaded

woman at the sun met 2020 with a full black outfit and long dramatic box twists and small accessories

Beads, plaits, and the little black dress. Drama head to toe, this look is a winner. This style is African Luxury mixed with a classic little black dress.


Sleek and silky

woman with neutral toned satin headwrap

Let’s just take a minute to appreciate this artwork. Not only is this elegant, but it’s the type of style that accentuates sharp facial features. This is a top-notch way to take advantage of the Sun Met 2020 African Luxury theme and make it work for you.


Big, bold and wrapped up

three women at the sun met 2020 with brightly big, coloured head wraps and sleek black hair

Bright colours and head wraps are a sure-fire way to ensure a bold look of African Luxury. Bold and elaborately-done head wraps could be seen everywhere at the Sun Met 2020, in all different prints, colours and styles.

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Lady in pink

woman at the sun met 2020 with a big, black and pink fascinator kind of hat

Here we have a perfect example of African Luxury with a pop of pink. Hot pink with animal print and feathers helped this stunner stay true to this year’s theme.


The halo effect

woman at the sun met 2020 with a slicked back low ponytail and big, gold halo accessory

Why stick with tradition when you can make a bold statement with your look? Let’s call it a ‘deconstructed fascinator’. This headpiece came straight from the heavens to fit the Sun Met’s theme of African Luxury.

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Twists and wraps

woman with high bun box twists and a colourful headwrap

It’s not just a high bun, it’s a crown. To make her attire whole, this queen made sure that her hairstyle matched with everything else for a put-together, popping kind of look.


Red hot and golden

woman at the sun met 2020 with a big red and yellow accessory and slicked back braided ponytail with gold thread

A confident lady requires a look to match her personality. This star wasn’t shy in embracing the Sun Met 2020 theme of African Luxury. It’s bold and it’s beautiful, with a subtle piece of gold thread that we just love.


Accessorised locs

woman with long ginger dreadlocks and small accressories

Dare to be bold? Do it with this look. Locs don’t happen overnight. If you want it, just be patient. If you’ve got it, then you better flaunt it!

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Lady liberty

woman at the sun met 2020 with a large gold hair accessory and a slicked back ponytail with gold thread

A golden look for a golden day. Confidence is key with a headpiece like this. You don’t wear something like this and expect to go unnoticed. Stand tall and look your African Luxury best.


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