9 Best Straight Hairstyles for Women in 2020

Straight hair ideas that are far from dull.

It’s safe to say that Victoria’s Secret style beachy waves have been the desired look for some time, but we’re here to shine the spotlight on straight hairstyles for women and all the incredible styling opportunities available!

Find straight hair ideas perfect for date night, runway approved braided beauties and all the latest hair accessory trends you need to know, right here!


1. Wet look pigtails

Straight hairstyles: Woman on runway with long hair in wet look braided pigtails wearing stacked necklaces at Alexander McQueen SS19 show.
Wet look styles have gone up a level. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Super-sleek braided pigtails have become the runway trend we can’t wait to get on board with. Not only are these pigtails super practical but thanks to their wet-look finish, they look fierce too.


2. Low ponytail

woman with a low ponytail hairstyle taking a selfie
Source: Adobe Stock

Low ponytails have had a makeover and are now one of the most worn straight hairstyles for women both on and off the runway.

The beginner-friendly hairstyle has been spruced up with the use of OTT accessories – think large bows, wrapped scarves and ribbons.


3. Windswept hair

Woman with a swept back light brown bob wearing statement pearl earrings.
Strong winds not required. Credit: indigitalimages.com

We know what you’re thinking, step outside in the middle of winter and you can get windswept hair in an instant, but let’s be honest, the result would never look quite so put together as this runway approved style.

Toni & Guy High Definition Spray Wax - product image

Editor’s tip: This look requires hold and texture, so using a wax product would be great. Get both with TONI&GUY High Definition Spray Wax. Spray through towel-dried or dry hair for defined layers and wave enhancement.


4. Ballerina bun

woman with a high ballerina bun hairstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

This gorgeous ballerina bun example is polished to perfection and will work great as an updo for formal occasions, especially if you add a strip of ribbon.


5. Side-swept hair

Straight hairstyles: Models at Rochas FW18 show with side parted long straight hair pinned back with a barrette hair accessory.
Get two trends in one with this side-swept ‘do. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Forget middle partings, it’s all about glossy side-swept hair right now. The best way to wear these straight hairstyles (and keep your hair pinned back) is with a fashionable hair accessory like a barrette.


6. Sleek bob

Straight hairstyles: Model with blonde long bob styled in a side-parting with a high shine finish at Blumarine show.
Let your hair glisten. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Looking for straight hair inspiration for date night? Then you’ll love this sultry sleek bob. Want to know the best thing about this bob? It requires minimal effort, making it one of our favourite straight hairstyles for women!

Simply part your hair down the side, apply a high-shine product to the roots, tuck your hair behind your ears and voila you’re done!

Editor’s tip: For weightless shine, long-lasting smoothness and polish, use TONI&GUY Finishing Shine Spray.

Spray evenly over blow-dried hair and brush through. For an added boost of shine, spray whilst blow-drying with cold air.


7. Topknot

woman with a high topknot hiarstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

More than just your go-to gym hairstyle, topknot buns are seriously versatile.

Dress yours up for a night out with some statement earrings or wear it messy for lazy weekends – either way, don’t forget the beauty in this hairstyle.


8. Bobby pinned

Woman with a dark brown bob styled with bobby pins along the hairline.
Hold on to those bobby pins! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

We must admit that bobby-pinned styles were the surprise hair trend we saw emerge this year. No longer used to secure short pesky strands, we’ve seen them become a crucial hair accessory.

Wear yours like all the street style babes; placed along your hairline and remember the more the merrier, so get creative with various criss-cross designs. Now you just need to find them!


9. Twisted pigtails

Straight hairstyles: Woman with long straight blonde hair in twisted low pigtails at Marni SS16 show.
Pigtails are officially back and far better than we remember them. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Pigtails are far better now than they were in our school days. After being given a fashionable update, pigtails have been given the adult seal of approval thanks to runway looks like these chic twisted pigtails.


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