Strut into 2022 with these NYE looks

New Year’s Eve will probably look a it different for most of us this year. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enter the new year in style! Beautiful hair is always the way to go in our opinion, even during a pandemic. So here’s a list of awesome NYE hairstyle ideas that you could try this New Year’s Eve. They are all low-effort, easy and great to look at.


Glam curls

NYE hairstyles: woman with curls
Source: Adobe Stock

There’s something about NYE that calls for glitz and glamour, which is why we love this New Year’s Eve look. Glam curls are a classic that you can always fall back on, and are guaranteed to look amazing.

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Keep your curls in place all through NYE with a strong hold hairspray, like the TRESemmé Extra Hold Styling Hairspray.


Side-swept waves

NYE hairstyles: woman with sleek wavy hair swept over one shoulder
Source: Unsplash

A sleeker version of the famous “Hollywood waves”, side swept waves is a New Year’s Eve look that goes with whatever outfit you’re wearing. It’s a sophisticated and simple style that’s also pretty low-effort.


Power ponytail

woman with a high, sleek ponytail and dark blonde hair
Source: Unsplash

They say that whatever you’re doing on NYE is reflection of your year to come… so why not welcome the new year with a powerful NYE hairstyle? Strut into 2022 with the ultimate girl boss look, the power ponytail.

Editor’s tip: spritz on some hairspray to keep your hair sleek and free from flyaways.


High puff

woman with natural hair tied into a sleek high puff hairstyle
Source: Unsplash

The high puff is one of the most versatile looks in the book and we are here for it! Dress it up with some accessories or keep it low-key, this is a pretty and practical New Year’s Eve look that embraces and shows off your natural hair.

Keep your hair neat and sleek with a bit of gel, like the VO5 Wet Look Styling Gel. This particular gel will also give your hair that gorgeous wet-look shine.


Romantic bun

NYE hairstyle: woman with braids tied up into a bun hairstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

If you’re a romantic at heart, this NYE hairstyle is for you. We absolutely love how this style looks with long, medium-sized braids, so don’t be afraid to mix it up!


Fully accessorised

NYE hairstyle: close up image of a woman with sleek brown hair and chunky gold accessories
Source: Adobe Stock

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. In the world of hairstyling, accessories are your best friends! They can take any look from zero to 100, including any NYE hairstyle you decide to wear.


All natural

woman with short, dark brown naturally curly hair
Source: Unsplash

One of the best NYE hairstyle options will always be to simply embrace your natural hair. Whether you have type 2 waves, type 3 bouncy curls or gravity-defying type 4 tresses, you’re guaranteed to look amazing.

Keep your natural hair defined, moisturised and smooth with the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. It’s a curl-defining cream styler, but it also gives your hair a boost of nourishment and hydration that keeps it looking beautiful and healthy.

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