Birthstone-inspired hair colours: Which colour is for you?

Forget Zodiac signs, have you ever thought of trying out a birthstone-inspired hair colour? If that sounds interesting to you, and you love experimenting with hair colours, then you’re going to love this!

To give you context, birthstones are gems that are linked with each month and each stone has a unique meaning and colour. So we’ve listed what these colours are so that you can change your hair colour to one that represents your birthstone. Or, maybe even switch up your hair colour every few months to the colours that represent other birthstones. Whatever you choose, we know you’ll look fabulous!


What is your birthstone-inspired hair colour?

January: Garnet

woman with dark red waves
Source: Adobe Stock

Bold and eye-catching, garnets are dark red and symbolise protection. We love red as a birthstone-inspired hair colour because it stands out and it can make anyone look fierce!

If you want to keep this hair colour looking fresh and vibrant for as long as possible then the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner should be at the top of your list.


February: Amethyst

birthstone-inspired hair colour: woman with light purple hair
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Given that Amethysts represent wisdom, we reckon that going for this violet hair colour is a wise choice! We’ve seen A-list celebrities such as Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner rock this look, and given how gorgeous it looks, we can see why they went with it. Pair this birthstone-inspired hair colour up with some black eyeliner when you’re out and you’ll be sure to steal the show (don’t forget your mask though).


March: Aquamarine

woman with light blue hair in a bob haircut
Source: Adobe Stock

This colour might be blue but aquamarine gems can actually keep the blues away as they symbolise serenity. Are you all about positivity, peace and tranquillity? Go for this awesome birthstone-inspired hair colour to match your energy.


April: Quartz

woman with long grey braids
Source: Unsplash

The quartz is all about strength. This is because of their resistance to damage and scratches, keeping it looking amazing at all times. A light grey works best if you want a hair colour inspired by this gem. We’ve seen this colour on Marvel superheroine Storm, which is so awesome given that she’s just as strong as her colour suggests.


May: Emerald

birthstone-inspired hair colour: woman with short green hair
Source: Shutterstock

Similar to quartz, emeralds are also very resistant to scratches but instead carry a beautiful green colour. As a hair colour, we recommend that people looking for a bold look try it out.


June: Alexandrite

woman with turquise colour roots and purple lengths of hair
Source: Unsplash

If there’s one word to describe alexandrites it has to be versatile. Under ordinary conditions the gem is a transparent yellow-green or greenish blue, however, under light from the sun, the colours can range from red to dark purple, or orange! So, if this is your birthstone, you have a lot of hair colours to choose from.


July: Ruby

Woman with curly, vibrant red hair
Source: Shutterstock

Rubies symbolise vitality and strength and we can probably all agree that these gems are stunning! Now imagine rocking that gorgeous dark red on your strands? You’re basically guaranteed to look stunning with this birthstone-inspired hair colour. Go on, be bold!


August: Peridot

birthstone-inspired hair colour: Woman with bright lime green hair
Source: Shutterstock

The exact opposite of quartz, peridots are a more fragile stone that is susceptible to breaking easily. But don’t let that turn you off — this olive-green stone symbolises harmony, peacefulness and good health.

If you decide to go for a peridot hair colour, add some shine to your tresses to really make the colour pop. We recommend using a product like the Toni&Guy Finishing Shine Spray, that will add shine without weighing your hair down.


September: Lapis Lazuli

Woman with dark blue hair
Source: Shutterstock

An absolutely striking shade of deep blue, this pretty gem represents truth and wisdom. And as a hair colour, this would be the perfect mysterious-but-bold look to go for!


October: Tourmaline

woman with long multi-coloured braids
Source: Shutterstock

Here’s another gem that has many colours to its name. Tourmaline stones are known to have colours such as pink, blue, green, red— and sometimes, they can be two or three of those colours all at once!

Embrace this multi-coloured gem by getting experimental with extensions in a few of these hair colours.


November: Citrine

birthstone-inspired hair colour: woman with bob haircut and bright yellow hair
Source: Shutterstock

Citrines are joyful-looking gems that are associated with the vibrancy of the sun — it just doesn’t get any cooler than that! Believed to represent a healthy mind and body, and the manifestation of creativity and prosperity, this is a great birthstone-inspired hair colour to choose to bring some extra optimism and positivity into your life.


December: Turquoise

birthstone-inspired hair colour: woman with bright turquoise hair
Source: Shutterstock

Turquoise represents friendship, which is so fitting because they require two different compounds to work together and form a new mineral, just like a solid friendship! Perhaps you and your bestie can rock a turquoise birthstone-inspired hair colour together? That would be beyond cute!


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