8 Gender-neutral natural hairstyle ideas

We love gender-neutral natural hairstyles because they’re so inclusive. A gender-neutral haircut or hairstyle means the style doesn’t ‘belong’ to any specific gender, and basically looks great on everyone. Often, hairstyles are categorised by gender, which can make finding the right style for you difficult – especially if you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community. But there are plenty of options out there! Read on to find our top 8 trendy natural hairstyles to suit you:


1. Big afro

woman with large afro hairstyle
Source: Unsplash

One of our ultimate faves is a big natural afro hairstyle. This look shows off your natural texture.
To really make a statement increase your volume by stretching your strands out to add more length to your look.


2. Mini ‘fro

man with a small afro hairstyle
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Don’t have the length for a big afro? Try a mini afro instead. Just like a big afro, this look also shows off your natural texture.

Keep your mini afro closely cropped around your face to help frame it, and give you a more structured look. Alternatively, stretch out your mini ‘fro style for a softer, more casual look.


3. Defined curls

man with long defined curls
Source: Unsplash

When it comes to gender-neutral hairstyles for curly tresses, we adore letting your hair grow out. Not to mention, this curly style looks great in all hair lengths.

Keep your curls defined with a medium-hold gel. We absolutely love the VO5 Wet Styling Gel. It give your hair an enviable shine without that crunchy feeling.


4. Colourful ‘fro

woman with bright red afro
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We just love an afro style paired with a bold hair colour because you can really customise your colour to suit you, or show off your pride.

For a bright look try a red, pink, orange, or a shade of blue, to create your unique gender-neutral natural hairstyle. Want a look that’s going to turn heads but isn’t too bright? Try a pastel shade.

As beautiful as a freshly-dyed ‘do might look, colour fades over time. Keep your colour looking vibrant for longer by using a wash care system that’s designed for colour-treated hair. The Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner is a great choice.


5. Mini twists

person with twists in their hair
Source: Adobe Stock

Not keen on rocking an afro style right now? Then we suggest mini twists because they’re just so super stylish and easy to manage.

These gender-neutral hairstyles protect your strands and the twists add dimension to your look.


6. Long locs

man with long dreadlocks hairstyle
Source: Unsplash

Long dreadlocks are a fabulous choice for gender-neutral hairstyles. We say this because they are another style that helps to protect your hair and they make achieving your length #goals easier.

Customise your dreads by braiding or twisting them, tying them up or adding beads to different sections. Adding a trendy colour to your dreads, or bleaching them, is another way to add to your signature look.


7. Little locs

woman with short dreadlocks hairstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

Shorter, smaller locs like these look amazing on everyone! No matter your face shape or natural hair type, this look is a great natural hairstyle option.

For a bolder look, pair an undercut with little locs on top. The shaved undercut will enhance your shorter dread’s texture, and will create the illusion of more volume.


8. Flat top

woman with a high, flat top hairstyle
Source: Unsplash

With the 80s making a comeback, everyone can rock this retro-inspired style.

We love a clean-cut, structured flat top as a natural hairstyle because it’s bold, edgy and gives you height. For a look with contrast, pair this cut with a shaved fade.


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