3 Best Shampoo for Natural Hair in 2020

Moisturizing, defining, volumizing, lifting... the most hardworking shampoo for black hair ensures you can have it all.

Natural hair typically has a curly texture and tends toward the drier side. It has a lot of different classifications under it, making it highly nuanced hair. It includes several levels of curls, the variations of which having been famously categorized into a hair chart system. The system spans from type 2 (wavy) to 3 (curly) to 4 (z-coils). This has sparked some contention on what the best shampoo for natural hair should really target, seeing as there is clearly a wide variance from one type to the next.

One thing different natural hair types can all agree on? Your hair needs moisture. That it’s definitely a concern, first and foremost. Finding the best shampoo for natural hair that moisturises just right is usually a real-life Goldilocks situation, with most products either doing too much or too little. Either way, a bad hair day’s result is almost always the same: unmanageable curls that are either limp or undefined spirals that have no rhyme or reason. Below, we break down the most common concerns of this hair type and offer up suggestions for each:


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Hair gets its natural slip and moisture from our scalp oils, which make its way from the root down till the ends, coating the entire strand. It’s a more zigzagged process in curly and coily hair. This means that the curlier your hair is, the harder it is to coat and the drier it can get. The best shampoo for natural hair is a shampoo that takes into consideration your curl level and adjusts accordingly.

For the most part, you’ll never go wrong with a moisturising shampoo. TRESemmé Moisture Rich Shampoo is infused with vitamin E to target moisture-lacking areas and deliver moisture where your hair needs it the most. When used with the conditioner, it revives and restores hair to reveal shiny, bouncy ringlets.



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A lot of natural hair women also rely on hair extensions, weaves and protective styles like braids. Unfortunately, these looks can leave their natural hair brittle and prone to breakage, especially upon removal. The best shampoo for natural hair that’s been woven or otherwise heavily styled or processed (e.g. relaxed) is one that also strengthens the strand.

The moisturising and fortifying properties in Organics Dry and Damaged Shampoo, when used as a system with the conditioner, protects against breakage. This leaves natural hair more resilient.



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A shampoo that gently cleanses while still keeping the shape of each curl intact – not to mention shiny and well-hydrated, without losing lift – is key. Body and bounce is the cornerstone to a healthy, volumized curly hairstyle. A shampoo that gives you both without a small sacrifice on the other is hard to come by. Keep your eye out for natural infusions, which have moisturizing oils that are more lightweight in look and feel.

We love the botanical blend of natural oils, including African Macadamia oil, in Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo. This shampoo gently cleanses then restores the shape of your ringlets after washing.


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