TIGI Copyright Custom Care Toning Shampoo

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Brighten blonde hair with cool-toned shine. This violet pigment infused shampoo helps neutralize brassy tones. It’s also infused with an expert blend of Keratin and Coconut Oil, which leaves hair moisturized and soft.

Best for:

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  • icon of a rainbow with clouds Colored
  • icon of a showerhead with two drops of water coming out Cleansing
  • Color Protection
  • icon of two marshmallows on sticks Softening

Top Tip

Use 1-2 times a week to help brighten blonde strands. Follow with any Custom Care™ Conditioner for best results.

How To Use

Use 1-2 times a week instead of your normal shampoo. Massage into wet hair, leave in for 1-10 minutes depending on the desired effect & then rinse well.

Purple Toning Pigment – Leaves violet dies in hair that cover up yellow tones.

Pearl – Renowned for their deep luster, shine and vibrancy

Colour Care Complex™ – A unique blend of Coconut Oil, Keratin and organically sourced Lipids

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