5 Work-Appropriate Undercut for Men Hairstyles

Your work look and your casual look probably have two very different vibes. But when you have to look professional, there are some looks that might not make the cut. No need to stress. If you have an undercut for men, there are still tons of ways to make your hair look on-point and ready to crush your next meeting. Read on and get inspired to try out one of these work-friendly styles to rock with your undercut.

Work-Appropriate Undercut for Men Hairstyles We’re Into

undercut for Men side shaved
Try out a side shaved undercut with a slight spike.

1. Slight Spike

If you’re job that’s allows you to step outside of the norm, consider styling your hair with a slight spike. Use some of the Dove Men+Care Sculpting Paste

undercut for men slicked hair
You won’t have to think about your hair with this slicked-back style.

2. Slicked Hair

When you have no time and really have other things to worry about then your hair in the morning, the slicked-hair style is the way to go. All you have to do is wash and condition your hair, slightly dry it and then use some of the Axe Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel to help slick back your hair and hold it in place all day long. Easy as that!

undercut for men smooth and structured
Be work-ready with this structured fluffy look.

3. Fluffy and Structured

If you have some length with your undercut, consider using it to your advantage to create a fluffy style. This isn’t an ode to the 80s, but a style that’s all about using that old blowdryer to help you get some lift. To achieve, place a round brush underneath the top section of your hair. Apply the heat from the blowdryer to this section as you lift your brush, creating volume. Lock this look (and your hard work) in place by apply some of the Bed Head by TIGI Full of It Volume Hairspray to your hair.

undercut for men low buzz
A low buzz is a super minimal way to rock an undercut.

4. Low Buzz

Look we get that you don’t want to deal with your hair in the morning. If you’re not feeling it, why not try out a buzzed look that gives you some hair on top with a tighter shaved undercut. All you really need is to comb where you groom the top part of your hair and you’re good to go.

undercut for men fluffy
A messy look with an undercut can work in tons of work environments.

5. Messy Texture

The bed head/undercut combo totally works for the work place. To master this look, ruffle up your mane with a little paste to create texture and structure. Have fun with this mish-mash style as you display your shaved undercut and fluffy mane.

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