Men’s Runway Trend: 50s Slicked Side Part Hairstyles

Recreate a 1950s favorite!

There’s nothing we enjoy more than seeing hairstyles before our time come back to life on the runways. Right now, the runway is making the case for 50s slicked side part hairstyles for Spring/Summer 2019. We think that men will take a stab at the look now for fancy occasions or event themed events, so we’re helping you stay ahead of the curve.

This slicked side part look is simply your regular combover style with a 1950s touch (think: clean side parts with sleek and shiny hair). Read on to learn how you can use your go-to styling products to recreate three of our top favorite slicked side part hairstyles from the runway.

50s slicked side part: swirl
Add a fun swirled fringe to your style. Photo credit:

1. The Swirl

The look of the slicked side part hairstyle already stands out due to the attention-grabbing shine the hairstyle requires. However, some men just like taking a step further. If this sounds like you, try adding this swirled fringe into your style.

After smoothing hair down with a gel, like Bed Head by TIGI Hard Head Mohawk Gel, part the front section of hair, comb through to detangle, then brush hair flat against your forehead. Using a fine-toothed comb or your hairbrush, swirl the ends of your fringe to create the swoop effect as shown above. Use a blow dryer to dry in place and you’re done.

50s slick side part: comb over
The comb over never goes out of style. Photo credit:

2. The Classic Comb-Over

There’s nothing wrong with keeping things on the simple end of the styling spectrum. Try this classic comb-over style. Create a clean hard part on the side of your hair and apply a generous amount of Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play Firm Finish Gel onto your hair and brush it in place. This gel provides your style with a non-greasy shine and a firm hold.

slicked side part: disconnected fringe
Now this is what we call fringe benefits. Photo credit:

3. Disconnected Fringe

Much like the disconnected fade hairstyle, this disconnected fringe style has a section that stands out on it own. After smoothing clean hair into place, comb-over style, create a section of hair on both sides of your hair. Brush the hair forward to create a fringe effect. Style your fringe with Bed Head For Men By TIGI Matte Separation Workable WaxOn one side, you can mimic the look of sideburns if that’s the look you’d rather go for!