How to Rock a Man Bun

We just can't get enough of the man bun.

You scour the web for the coolest hairstyles, and still ponder how to rock a man bun? The man bun isn’t going away anytime soon and we are more than excited about that. With tons of variations of the man bun hairstyle out there, we recently discovered a cool Instagram feed from Philip Bottenberg that showcases his life as a model and how he is seriously rocking the man bun. Read on to check out our interview with Bottenberg on his hair that we think might just inspire you to learn more about how to rock a man bun with style.

How to Rock a Man Bun

How to Rock a Man Bun with Philip Bottenberg
Messy man bun on Phil Bottenberg. Photo credit: @philbottenberg on Instagram

Photography by @johnyjordanphotography and styling by @nici_lynx

All Things Hair: Have you always had medium to long hair? Why do you like it?

Philip Bottenberg: Yes, I always had long hair. I went through the typical emo phase as a teenager and had black colored, straightened and long hair for years. But when I got older I thought that it was time for a different look and shaved my sides off, but the top hair was still long. It took ages to get the sides back to the length that I have now.

All Things Hair: When did you discover the man bun style?

Philip Bottenberg: It was actually not too long ago, probably a year and a half. I guess I discovered the man bun style when it became quite popular and the internet was full of pictures of men wearing it. I liked it straight away so I started growing my hair.

All Things Hair: What do you like about wearing a man bun?

Philip Bottenberg: Well, I guess what I like most is, it is probably the easiest hairstyle you could have: no annoying hair in your face, it takes a few seconds to be styled and no need for any styling products that you’d take with you to make sure your hair looks perfectly the whole day- so relaxing! *laughs *

But also that your hair is very flexible because of it’s length and you can vary all different kinds of styles. It looks great and always different in photo shootings. And yeah, after all those frustrating month of growing your hair, where it is too short for a bun but also too long for a normal hairstyle, you feel proud that you made it, haha!

All Things Hair: What types of products do you use in your hair?

Philip Bottenberg: To be honest, I don’t use any products at all for my hair. When my girlfriend is styling my hair, for a special event or photo shooting, she is using some products like styling mousse, dry shampoo, volume powder and hairspray for a perfect hold and structure. But I’m too lazy for that.

All Things Hair: What other styles would you like to try (one day) on your hair?

Philip Bottenberg: It would be a tough decision to cut my hair off again and I’m not planning on doing it in future but you never know. If I decide to get another hair style I’d probably go for an undercut style, or some dreadlocks would be crazy!

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