How to Make Your Combover Styles Last All Day

Alyssa François | 05 November 2016

Get this look in just 3 steps!

In a perfect world, after a long day’s work, your combover styles will be in the same shape it was in after freshly styling in the morning — sharp, shiny, and under control. However, you don’t have the magic powers to predict what unexpected turn your day will take. Anything from a sudden rain shower to a gust of wind can blow your hairstyle out of proportion. But, there are a few things you can control, like: stray hairs, cowlicks, and forcing your hair to stay put. We’re discussing these foolproof styling hacks here:

Combover Styles: Tips for Getting the Look to Last

combover styles
Use pomades with strong hold to help keep your combover styles in place all day long. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Take advantage of blowdryers.

If you’re not using a blowdryer on your hair, you need to start. Blowdrying your hair can help create volume and help prevent you from tucking in stray hairs that fall out of position every hour or so. Use a blowdryer to help set the direction of your hairstyle before applying your styler. This will help your look to stay in place all day long.

2. Use the right pomade.

Are you applying a pomade that offers hold? When shopping for styling products for combover styles be sure to look for pomades that hold hair in place. Axe Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade gives your look a medium hold and allows you to create structured styles. If you feel your hair needs a formula that has a much stronger hold, opt for the Axe Spiked-Up Look Extreme Hold Gel.

3. Set your style.

We get it, you’re a guy on-the-go! But setting your style only takes a few minutes. Before hitting the ground running give your hair a medium blast of warm air from your blowdryer to set your style and let it cool. Now, you’re ready to take on the day without having to worry about touching up your style!


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