Latest Afro Hairstyles: 8 Ways to Wear this Look

Eunice Lucero | 08 July 2016

Because more is more is more.

In this day and age of highly personalized hairstyles, to think your texture can only be worn one way is to do yourself a huge disservice. Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all kind of latest afro hairstyles, and runways and street-style stars alike have been rife with all sorts of inspiration.

Whether you’re a dude who likes his ’fro nice and tight, styled at an angle or are all about the full effect, there’s never just one way to wear your natural texture. A guy needs his options after all, and we’re here to help keep your look on point, regardless of how you choose to style what momma gave you. Always good to change things up once in a while!

Read on for fun, fresh ways to wear your afro:

8 Ways to Wear the Latest Afro Hairstyles

latest afro hairstyles tapered fro
Ends that aren’t too precise give a more casual feel. Photo credit:

1. High and Tapered

The ’90s called, and it wants its high-top ’fro back! This campy take on afro hairstyles popularized in teen movies past gets a more serious update. Instead of a full, round shape, 3C hair is left to grow out to a longer length up top, but is tapered towards the neckline at the bottom. The result is a narrower, “reverse triangle” look that actually is super-flattering on guys with a square jawline and sharper features. You may also need some texurizing paste like the Bed Head for Men by TIGI Pure Texture Molding Paste to help you to shape and define your afro.

latest afro hairstyles blonde curls
Stand out even more with a rich, solid color. Photo credit:

2. Fluffy Fro

Amp up a run-of-the-mill afro by giving it some color. Honey blonde, caramel and medium ash brown are shades that give good contrast to dark roots, and also complement medium to dark skin tones. For a fresher take for 2016, keep things all in one hue (highlights are okay, if you want something more subtle), and remember to condition before and after your color job, as afro hair tends to get really dry.

latest afro hairstyles baby fro
Closely cropped afros are comfy (and casual-cool) in hotter weather. Photo credit:

3. Cropped

We can’t get enough of the baby ’fro for Summer 2016, and it looks like the guys agree with us. Different versions of the cropped afro have been seen on designer runways and celebrities, and with good reason: This look keeps your head cool (literally) and ready for the workday, while retaining some natural swag. Not to mention a relatively easy upkeep, which entails a simple trim every month.

latest afro hairstyles blocky
The more conservative version of a tapered afro. Photo credit:

4. Blocky

Wearing your ’fro like a curly, medium fade gives it a modern shape. The tops are left in a slightly rounded, natural shape, but the sides are cut more squarish (yet not shaved). The overall result is a softer and shorter version of the tapered afro, and complements men with high foreheads and guys with a strong jaw. If you want a slicked blocky look, use some pomade like the Dove Men+Care Defining Pomade.

latest afro hairstyles twist out
Twists help keep frizz at bay when humidity strikes. Photo credit:

5. Twist-Out

Wearing 3C or kinky hair in a twist out, or twirling strands around itself to resemble thin, ropey locks, is kind of a more structured take on the medium-sized afro. Strands gain some heft and thicker-looking definition, and allows for dry, natural textures to withstand frizz longer. Wear in a uniform length all over the head for a fashionable—yet no-nonsense—feel.

latest afro hairstyles medium dreadlocks
Playing with the direction of your dreads gives your hairstyle a kicky, more contemporary twist. Photo credit: indigital

6. Medium-Length Dreadlocks

Medium-length dreadlocks are one of the more popular afro hairstyles we’ve seen out on the streets, as it marries ease of wear and a unique, creative way to rock natural hair. Instead of wearing your locs long and strong, sections are kept at a shorter length (enough to still spike out). The sides are usually shorter and the top can be kept long enough to be styled at an angle.

latest afro hairstyles box plaits
A middle part puts the spotlight on perfect plaits. Photo credit:

7. Box Plaits

Although more of a braided hairstyle than a wild n’ out afro, the look still entails wearing natural hair in its virgin state, but with a twist. Hair is kept to cheekbone length and box-braided from a half-inch from the root to tips. Wear in a middle part to maximize the look and highlight the uniform sleekness of the braids.

latest afro hairstyles natural fro
High and super fly: The natural afro retains a longer length on the crown and a closely cropped neckline. Photo credit:

8. Go Natural

the classicists out there, the natural afro is (and as far as we’re concerned, will always be) in vogue. The go-to length for this year is around 5 inches up top, and slightly shorter in the neckline and sides. Wearing hair in a true afro has some responsibilities, the biggest of which is consistent conditioning. Spritzing it periodically during the way with some leave-in conditioner like the Dove Quench Absolute Leave-In Detangler can help with the frizzing and keep your spirals bouncy and well-defined.

What are your favorite ways to wear the latest afro hairstyles?

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