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How to Create a Dapper Twisted Man Bun

A new twist on the man bun in time for the holidays!

Gone are the days where pulling your bun into a loop and calling it a day is the norm. These days guys are getting more and more creative when it comes to styling their man bun hairstyles. After all, every other guy is rocking a traditional man bun, so why not create a simple, yet dapper twist on the look? With this twisted man bun style, you can turn your basic man bun into a cooler updo that’s suitable for any occasion.

Ready to try something new with your hair? Have your hand at this new take on the man bun hairstyle. Wear this new twisted man bun hairstyle just for fun, or, wear it to a holiday party! Here’s how you can get the twisted man bun look in just a few easy steps:

Twisted Man Bun Tutorial



Start clean and choose your styler.

Before creating your twisted man bun, wash hair with Dove Men + Care Fresh & Clean Fortifying 2-In-1 Shampoo for a deep cleanse and condition. Once your hair is clean, choose your styler of choice. We recommend using a product that’ll help you mold your twist and keep your hair in tact like Dove Men + Care Scuplting Paste.




Apply product.

Work a fingertip amount of product throughout the lengths of your hair.



Brush your hair.

Brush hair to smoothen and detangle, then brush in the direction you want your bun to go. In this case, brush hair into a low ponytail.





Twist your hair.

Twist the sides of your hair flat, then hold the ends of your hair and twist it around your fingers until it coils.




Create your man pony.

Gather your hair into a low ponytail and secure with a hair elastic.



Loop into a bun and you're done!

Loop the ends of your hair into a bun and there you have it! Your simple, and dapper twisted man bun hairstyle.



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Alyssa François
Your Mane Attraction, Alyssa
06 December 2016