16 Halloween Hair Color Ideas, from Cute to Creative to Downright Goth

Get ready to win in all the costume party competitions.

Yay, time to play dress-up! Whether you’re a die-hard Halloweener or just your friendly neighborhood trick-or-treater, it’s the one day in a year that carries major good vibes. Maybe it’s the crazy parties, the buzz you get dolling up in a different character each year—in a complete ensemble from head to toe, with cool Halloween hair color ideas to match!—or maybe it’s just the sugar rush you get from all that candy, but nothing beats all that over-the-top fun to be had. No matter what mood you’re in, there’s a Halloween event out there for everyone to join in.

That said, we’ve got a slew of hair color inspo for you to try this year, from straight-up scary to clubby to cute and wholesome. Scroll down and pick your poison with some of our favorite Halloween hair color ideas:

1. Spooky

halloween hair color ideas ash gray
Taking #grannyhair to a Whole Notha Level. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

For the traditionalists who love going with the classics on Halloween, a theatrical hair color such as powdered gray or salt and pepper is key. All you Brides of Frankenstein, Victorian-era ghosts and zombettes out there can achieve this super-legit look with some temporary spray-on white hair color, and a lot of backcombing. This shade is also fun with pale white makeup, as it adds to the ghastly factor of your get-up. To maintain your bewitching beehive, spray your hair liberally with a firm-hold hairspray such as Bed Head by TIGI Hard Head Hairspray to keep the pouf even past midnight.

2. Anti-Heroine

halloween hair color pink and blue hair
Rockin’ pink and blue hair puts all of those jokers to shame.

Superhero fangirls, you’re in luck: This year was the year of pastel hair. If you’re already awesome enough to have a pink and blue ombré look, you’ve little more to do than to wear your hair up in pigtails, slap on some ratty denim cutoffs and parade around with a baseball bat acting like daddy’s little monster. Pastel hair iterations are also loads of fun for any gothic Lolita costumes and all sorts of anime cosplay, as you’ll have every hair color of the rainbow to play with.

3. Vampy

halloween hair color ideas vampy
Go for hair that’s darker than your soul.

Any vampire costume isn’t complete without a shock of long, dark hair, whether you’re the Baroque, big-haired bloodsucker or are more of the neo-goth variety. Notoriously seductive and with razor-sharp senses—some mythologies actually mention that they have OCD—vampires are creatures with pale skin (#deathbyUV) and are oftentimes depicted with shiny, luscious, intensely-hued hair. If you’re already rocking a bright copper, dark brown or black mane, up the ante with a shine spray such as Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Hairspray and watch mere mortals cower in envy. (Some fake blood and a death stare helps your case too).

4. Pixie

halloween hair color ideas pixie blonde
Go ahead and sprinkle some fairy dust (and gold glitter on your roots!) while you’re at it.

If you’re all for angels and fairies and sugar and spice, then platinum hair color might just be the thing for you to play with this Halloween. A blonde pixie cut (whether real or faux-real) is the ideal foil for those dainty fairy wings and your glittery one-piece that have you flitting around from party to party. If you’re wearing a wig version, it’s also conveniently short and breezy enough to keep on for the entire night, regardless if you end up in a packed superclub before sunrise or carrying a Jack-O-Lantern and snacking on some candy corn with the young’uns. Keep the look feeling whimsical with piecey bangs held in place with a soft wax such as Nexxus Exxpand Plus Volumizing Whip. For a charming final touch, create your own version of pixie dust by getting on the glitter roots trend.

5. Mythological

Halloween hair color ideas pink
Pink hair color makes quite the splash.

Okayfine, you can dress up as a mermaid. (Or a unicorn. Or both.) Just make sure you’ve got the goods—and by that, we mean long, siren-worthy hair to launch a thousand ships and drown sailors by the dozen. Rendered in the prettiest pastel hues, which are usually pink, purple or teal, mermaid hair is usually the focal point of the entire costume—save for that painstakingly embroidered fishtail you’re shimmying in, of course.

On that note, cue all of the cuteness: Pink hairstyles have had quite a moment this past summer, haven’t they? We certainly can’t find any reason to ending this trend anytime soon (unless they come up with a pinker pink, in which case, save this space.). Even more awesome news: Halloween gives you no better chance to wear those pink hairstyles loud and proud—and even go several notches higher than your everyday look, if you’re so inclined. Whether you’re going for a subtle ombré wash or are full-on cosplay crazy, we truly believe in thinking pink this year, as nothing says cheeky and cute more than this pretty hue. Read on for some pop-culture inspo with more pink Halloween hairstyles:

6. Millennial Mermaid

halloween pink hairstyles mermaid
Go full meta and do a mermaid braid too.

Sea-crazy millennials, listen up: THE MOMENT ?? IS ?? NOW. ?? Even better if you’re already sporting the perfect medium-pink shade to go with that sequined bustier and fishnet makeup. If your tresses are medium to long in length, spiff up your look with a mermaid braid too. Your head-to-toe fishtail (get it?) is sure to get the adulation a siren like you deserves. Don’t forget to take lots of #shellfies with your besties!

7. Festival Fairy

halloween pink hairstyles fairy
Put a ring on it: A floral crown tops any fairy costume with style.

More of the landlocked sort? Then dress up those tresses with a woodland fairy costume instead. Get crafty with some floral appliqués, or simply recycle your fest-best headgear from this summer to accessorize some romantic waves styled with a center part. Drive the point home with a diaphanous kimono, some ballet slippers and sparkle as far as the eye can see, because #pixiedust.

8. Harajuku Girl

halloween pink hairstyles harajuku girl
Schoolgrrrls rock. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

What do you get when you mix pink Halloween hairstyles, a schoolgirl outfit and weapons to ward off the undead? A kick-ass Harajuku girl, that’s what. Long, blunt-fringed, bubblegum-pink hair worn down is an awesome, low-maintenance look that needs little less than a plaid skirt to come to life. Want more kawaii appeal? Put your locks up in pigtails, take out those thigh-high stockings and get ready to slay to death, curfew be damned.

9. ’80s Rocker Chick

pink halloween hairstyles pop rockstar
The brighter, the better: Retro costumes go best with loud hair.

If you think you can truly—outrageously—work some serious 1980s hair trends (and we mean all of the neon and crimps), then work the spotlight as the fabulous, fun frontwoman of an all-girl rock band. Go crazy with details like shoulder pads, boots, fishnets and star-spangled jewelry—nothing, and we mean nothing, can upstage a big, pink mullet anyway, so might as well go for it.

10. Karaoke Kid

halloween pink hairstyles movie girl
A chic bobbed wig dresses up any regular outfit for Halloween.

If you’re not really the full-on costume type but still want to get in on the festivities, a simple pink bobbed wig can get you there. It goes with virtually any look you can dream of—even if it’s just for a karaoke room with friends after-hours, or running around a busy city having the time of your life. Not having a complete outfit to commit to makes for worry-free partying (No angel wings to fit into a crowded dance floor? No problem!) and easily comes off once the lights come back on.

Ed’s note: A color-safe system, such as TRESemmé Color Revitalize Shampoo and Color Revitalize Conditioner, can help prolong the vibrancy of your pink way past Halloween. A dry shampoo specifically made for color-processed locks, like Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care Dry Shampoo, can also gently refresh as well as extend your style.

If you adore pink hairstyles but are looking for a more gothic take on Halloween hair color? We put together a list of some looks that can work for those inclined towards the darker side of things:

We are embracing all things fall over here at All Things Hair, and have also been thinking a lot about how we’re going to switch up our hair color for a frightful Halloween. For many, Halloween hair color might be a way to try something new termporarily. Then, there are others that might want a hair color to last way beyond the last morsel of candy corn! Either way, we’ve got you covered: We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Halloween hair color ideas that feature a collection of both super vibrant and mellow shades to try out for the 31st and beyond.—SERENA NORR

11. ’80s It Girl: Grown-Out Roots

halloween hair color 80s It Girl

Overgrown roots for Halloween as seen backstage at London Fashion Week SS17. Photo credit: TONI&GUY ProductsBy now you know that grown-out roots are a big deal in the fashion and beauty industry. If you’re on the fence about sticking with your summery blonde hair, this may be the perfect time to embrace your darker base. We can definitely see this hair color on a rad ’80s babe or pop star.

12. ’90s Club Kid: Lime-Green Hair

Halloween Hair Color Ideas Green
Overgrown roots for Halloween as seen backstage at London Fashion Week SS17. Photo credit: TONI&GUY Products

What’s better than ombré hair? Why, lime green ombré hair for Halloween, of course! We love this two-toned look totally nails that punky, underground, Euro-goth feel of the late 1990s. Accessorize with a candy necklace and some glow-in-the-dark jewelry.

13. You, with a Twist: Spray-On Teal

halloween hair ideas subtle color
A wash of teal is always fun, regardless of the holiday. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

There are some of us that prefer to go milder in the costume department and want something less subtle. Particularly if Halloween falls on a weekday and our only place to party is in the office! We like how temporary semi-permanent hair color blends with a fishtail braid for an upgraded and adult-looking way to celebrate.

14. Sorceress or Witch: Deep Red

halloween hair color ideas deep red
Go with one of the classics with a witchy look for Halloween.

It’s no secret that we love red hair color for fall, so why not try it out for Halloween? For this look, opt for a very deep red to complement your Halloween costume as a sorceress or witch. Don’t forget the deep lip and bold eyeshadow, and maybe even a (fake) poisoned apple or two!

15. Bride of Frankenstein or Zombie Doll: Subtle Streaks

halloween hair color ideas streaks
Keep your hair up there with some extreme-hold gel.

Create a look for Halloween with highlights! We love how some streaks of red or brown look flawless on those with black hair or natural hair. For this look, simply pull all of your locks up with some help of some hair gel, like TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Firm Control Gel.

16. Goth Girl: Go Dark

halloween hair color ideas brown hair
Time to break out all the darkest, vampiest color palettes you own!

Dark hair is another rich, transitional shade that you can take you into the fall and winter past Halloween. Try out a one-tone dark shade like brown hair or black hair and go goth for the 31st. Don some dark lipstick and eyeliner to go full method on this look! Bonus: You’ll get a head start on a new color for the rest of the fall/winter season.