1980s Hairstyles: 4 Totally Tubular Ideas for Halloween

Serena Norr | 30 October 2018
1980s-inspired Halloween hairstyles: bigger and better curls

Get the 411 on the coolest looks from the ’80s.

Gag us with a spoon, it’s almost Halloween! If you haven’t gotten your costume down yet, why not have fun with your hair where you can rock some seriously cool (and now vintage!) ’80s hairstyles? From the ever-popular crimped hair look to big, bouncy curls, these looks are sure to inspire your Halloween costume this year. Read on to check out four really radical 1980s-inspired Halloween hairstyles you’ve got to try this year.

1980s-Inspired Hairstyles that Like, Totally Rock

1980s hairstyles crimped hair
A classic ’80s look that you can revive for Halloween (and beyond!).

1. Crimped Hair

The mothership of all ’80s hairstyles was the crimped look. Thankfully the crimped hair look is back, in a much tamer iteration. To rock this look, you’ll need some heat protectant, like Nexxus Promend Heat Protecting Mist, and your crimper. Work in sections to create your crimped hair and for an even more rad ode to the ’80s, use a teasing comb to create more volume to this look.

1980s hairstyles side pony
Rock the side pony with a large bow.

2. Side Pony

The beloved side pony was everything back in the day! Complete that look with some fluffy bangs and you’ll be the Queen of your Halloween party.

1980s hairstyles mullet
Doesn’t get any more ’80s than this!

3. Mullet

Another look that’s made its way back to the present is the mullet. The ’80s version however was way bigger, with a concentration of big curls and stringy long layers.

1980s hairstyles: bigger and better curls
1980s-inspired Halloween hairstyles: Get some rad curls to rock for Halloween.

4. Big Curls

The bigger, the better was certainly the hair mantra of the ’80s. To achieve ultimate curls, you’ll need some classic hot rollers. After you set your rollers and achieve the right amount of bounce, be sure to lock in your look with some hairspray, like TRESemmé TRES Two Freeze Hold Hairspray.




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