The Coolest New Hair Mashup: Braided Half-Up Bun Combo

Serena Norr | 19 February 2017
Braided Half-Up Bun hair tutorial

Why wear one trend when you can wear two?

It’s time for a hair mashup! This time around, we’re combining the ever-functional braid and bun to create an easy, youthful hairstyle. This cool mix of styles is a fun way to upgrade a classic look ever-so-slightly by creating a braided half-up bun that’s all about its signature middle part.

But that’s not all: Within this look, you’ll also be showcasing your long or medium-length hair that cascades by your side. That’s a whole lotta hairstyles going on! But despite the many styling possibilities, it’s actually pretty easy to create and one we could see functioning as a fun style for your upcoming spring break rumpus, weekend adventure or casual brunch with your girls. Ready to try out this playful style in your hair? Read on to check out how you can rock this youthful hair mashup in just six simple steps.

Tutorial: Braided Half-Up Bun Combo

braided half-up bun tutorial starts with clean hair

Start with clean hair.

Starting with clean, freshly washed hair is a must when you embark on a new style. Prep your hair for styling by washing and conditioning your hair. We like TRESemmé Repair & Protect 7 Shampoo and TRESemmé Repair & Protect 7 Conditioner. This duo works by nourishing damaged hair and restoring strength, making it smooth and manageable.

braided half-up bun tutorial add oil

Apply some sea salt spray.

Allow your hair to air-dry, or rough-dry it until you get to be around 90 percent dry. Spray some sea salt spray throughout your hair, like Suave Professionals Texurizing Sea Salt Spray. Scrunch your fingers throughout your hair to create texture and loose waves.

create a part for the braided-half-up bun

Create your part.

Use a comb to help you create your middle part. head. Place the comb in the middle of your head (right at the crown) and work the comb all the way down your head until you reach the ends of your hair. Go back to the top to check your part, using your fingers and the comb to bring your hair to the correct side.

braided half-up bun making the braid

Create your braid.

Grab a small section of your hair at the crown. Starting at the top, create your three-strand braid as you go all the way down your hair. Tie your braid together with a hair tie and repeat this on the other side.

braided half-up bun connect your hair

Create your bun.

Grab both of your braids, holding the bottom of one braid as you wrap it over the opposite side. Continue this motion, moving upward, until you create a high bun.

braided-half-up bun pin in place

Secure your bun.

Secure your bun (and your hard work!) by placing some bobby pins or a clip on the wispy parts of your hair. Done!

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