Short Haircuts 2016: 17 Stylish Looks to Consider This Year

All Things Hair | 23 March 2017

Searching for short haircuts for women? 2016 is all about the short ‘do. Here’s our top edit. 

We’re calling it for short hairstyles: 2016 is officially going to be the year of the big chop! Since virtually every girl has dreamed of trying out one of the many 2016 short haircuts out there, we know that this look isn’t going away anytime soon, but it’s also a challenging one to figure out. Whether your heart is set on getting a trendy choppy crop or a sassy lob or even the blast-from-the-past mushroom haircut, it can be really hard to decide on short cut to get! To help you out, we’re sharing a collection of some of the best 2016 short hair trends you should consider. Ladies, here’s to keeping it short and very sweet…

2016 Short Haircuts: 17 Hot Looks to Try

short haircuts 2016: Blonde asymmetrical bob
Take things to this side with this modern cut. Photo credit:

1. Asymmetrical Bob with Dramatic Part

Sophisticated with a distinctly modern edge, the asymmetrical bob is cut slightly longer at the front, with a subtle – but noticeable – graduation to a shorter back. This style is off-duty and red carpet-ready, what more could you want from a short haircut, right?

brunette with sleek bob haircut: short haircuts 2016
Sleek styles are bound to turn heads. Photo credit:

2. Super Sleek Bob

As many of us have seen on the big screen, many of our favorite and fashion – forward celebrities are advocates of this super sleek, straight bob haircut that perfectly epitomizes 21st-century sass. The key to achieving this polished look is to go for a blunt cut (i.e. keeping the same length throughout). Try it with an ombre effect for a more head-turning outcome. Smooth out your short bob with a serum, like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Serum, for a frizz-free finish.

short haircuts 2016: Brunette woman with short wavy pixie.
2016 Short Hair Trends: Romantic pixie. Photo credit:

3. Romantic Pixie

This softly tousled crop is great for those who want a more romantic, feminine version of the uber cute pixie. If you’ve been rocking a long ’do forever, but find yourself thinking about all the gorgeous super short haircuts for 2016, this style is a good compromise length-wise. Plus, it works well with a side or center parting. A quick spritz of the Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray is all you need to style it in the morning: that effortless, bedhead look is what you’re after.

short hairstyles: Asian woman with a wavy lob
Upgrade your lob with a trendy wave. Photo credit:

4. Wavy Lob

Often worn softly parted to one side, the effortlessly feminine wavy lob has garnered quite the A-list following. Deemed one of 2016’s most fashionable lengths, the low bob boasts plenty of advantages: it’s easy to maintain and style, not to mention it’s ideal for round and square face shapes, too.

Short haircuts for women 2016: Brunette woman with curly shag
Retro hairstyles are always a good idea. Photo credit:

5. ’70s Shag

The shaggy ’70s-inspired shaggy bob started to re-trend in 2015. This year, its popularity continues to soar as the cool girls of fashion have all followed suit and made the shag their own. And while we love it for scoring extra à la mode points, this sexy, low-maintenance hairstyle is also ideal for those who want to embrace their natural textures, or are trying to grow out their hair with minimum hassle.

Short haircuts 2016: A black and white woman with buzz cuts
Dare to try the buzz cut this year? Photo credit:

6. Buzz Cut

We’re not gonna lie: this cut is not for the faint-hearted, but if liberation is what you’re after, the buzz cut could be your ticket to freedom. It’s also a great one for black women looking to embrace/transition back to their natural texture.

Short hairstyles 2016: black woman with a geometric afro and gold eyeshadow
Short hairstyles 2016: The geometric afro. Photo credit:

7. Geometric Afro

An eye-catching hairstyle that’s perfect for those with kinky or curly hair, and ladies who are currently sporting afros but want to change it up for an even more statement-making look, try an angular afro. For a dramatic effect, cut the edges extra blunt. Now that’s what we call a fierce new look.

Short hairstyles 2016: choppy bob with blunt fringe
Short haircuts for 2016: Short choppy bob. Photo credit:

8. Choppy Bob

With a slightly longer, more piecey fringe and choppy textures to frame the face in the most modern manner, think of this cut as a sexier, sassier, less severe version of the classy bob. After washing, consider rough-drying hair to enhance a natural looking texture and lock it in with a hairspray like Dove Style + Care Strength and Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray.

short haircuts 2016: bowl cut
The bowl cut is back and better than ever. Photo credit:

9. Bowl Cut

Power to the bowl cut! This look is back and better than ever in a modern iteration that’s on-trend and super cute! Take cues from your face shape on this one where you can opt for a full-fringe or trendy micro fringe.

short haircuts 2016: mullet hair
Rock out with a mullet in 2016. Photo credit:

10. Mullet

Another retro revival that we are pretty psyched about is the ever-awesome mullet. Taking cues from the ’80s, this shag/mullet hybrid is heavy on layers and volume that is sure to turn heads. Add this look to your short hair 2016 list.

short haircuts 2016: frizzy hair
Embrace the frizz with this on-trend look. Photo credit:

12. Wavy Bob

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you’re probably familiar with the struggle of getting short haircuts that are meant to be styled straight. Once the humidity hits your hair, your straight strands start to shrivel up. For the colder months, you can do a few things. For one, you can opt for switching up your hair care routine by implementing products that fight frizz. For two, you can just go with the frizz because frizzy hairstyles are totally a trend these days.

short haircuts 2016 block bangs
Cute hairstyles 2016: Short bobs and bangs are a winning combo. Photo credit:

13. Blocky Bangs

If you’re a fringe gal, consider getting a full-on blunt bang instead of your usual layered look. It’s a great way to refresh your ‘do if you’re looking for short hairstyles for women in 2016/17; it also spotlights great cheekbones and doesn’t get in the way of a computer screen or an important face-to-face meeting. Surprisingly easy to style in the mornings, the blocky bob has a wash-and-wear quality as it’s short enough to fall properly into place without much ado.

short haircuts 2016: ginger bob
A longer fringe can be tucked to the side at any time. Photo credit: Dvora

14. Blunt Bob

A soft, blunt bob that’s mostly one-length is not only on-trend, it also looks crisp and professional—no wispy layers are there to get in the way of getting the job done. It can also be easily upgraded for your face shape with some long bangs, which can provide a bit of swing and can also be swept to one side to change up the look here and there. Flyaways are the main concern of this style as they deter from the overall shape of the bob, so keep them at bay by using some serum to keep strands sleek and shiny.

short haircuts 2016: concave bob
The concave, or inverted bob is a feminine shape that’s so on-trend for 2016.

15. Concave Bob

The inverted shape of a concave bob, which allows its layers to hug the neckline, gives a soft, even subtly sexy vibe that’s still appropriate for the workplace. If your hair type is straight or can easily be blown out, this might be a great hairstyle if you’re looking for short hairstyles for women that are feminine yet no-nonsense. Ask your stylist for a bob that’s slightly stacked or higher in the back (it helps give that undercurl), and longer layers towards the chin, which can be swept to one side or even worn with a center part. To style, apply a volumizing spray before you blow-dry, like the Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Volumizing Weightless Blow Dry Spray, for a fuller, rounded shape that also stays from 9 to 5.

short haircuts 2016: curls
Short hair and curls do work!

16. Springy Curls

A curly bob looks absolutely chic (and super fresh!), especially when cut in a blunt style right around ear-length. It respects your natural texture, but the blockier ends give it some weight and structure at the bottom. Think wedge-shaped: A slightly triangular shape balances out any pouf at the top, while giving it a more modern feel too. To style, make sure that you have a curl-defining mousse, such as the Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse, scrunched on the lengths while drying with a diffuser, helps give your ringlets definition.

short haircuts 2016: afro
A defined afro is a great way to embrace your natural, short hair. Photo credit:

17. Tapered Afro

Afros, when trimmed into a tapered shape (i.e. narrower towards the nape) are one of the trendiest ways to wear the look these days, and is one of those short hairstyles for women with natural hair that respects their texture while keeping it polished while at work. Unlike the springy bob, which needs more weight towards the ends, the tapered afro leaves the heft on top, or near the crown, to give it its shape. This look shines when optimally moisturized, so coating hair with some serum to calm down any frizz is crucial, particularly on freshly-washed days.

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