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Short Hairstyles 2017: 13 Looks to Rock This Year

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2017 is all about embracing a new you, including checking out the latest short haircuts for women 2017. Discover more short haircuts to inspire your new look.

We love that the start of a new year provides us with the perfect excuse to try out a new look. Like us, you may have been itching to try out the latest short hairstyles 2017 and finally have that ‘new year, new you’ mantra to push you to switch things up a bit. Awesome! And with short hair 2017, you’ll be happy to learn that there are tons of cool and on-trend options that are even a little edgy, should you want to go that route. To help you figure out the best short haircut for you, we’ve collected a bunch of cool short haircuts and styles that are bound to inspire you this year. Read on as you get ready to snip it!

2017 Short Hairstyles: Awesome Styles to Try Now!

short haircuts 2017: undercut
The edgy undercut/pixie gives you the ultimate two-in-one style.

1. Undercut

The undercut has been on our short hair playing field for some time now, and we’re still digging this modern two-in-one cut. This pixie/shaven hairstyle hybrid is all about embracing a shorter length with an edge. Fair warning: these short haircuts 2017 will have you making more frequent trips to your stylist for regular upkeep, but if you’re ready and able, that part won’t stress you out.

short hairstyles 2017: texturized pixie
A pixie with an edge! Sign us up! Photo credit:

2. Textured Pixie

We love the timeless and universally appealing pixie that we are excited to see more variations of. This year, that is all about loads of added texture that you can create by spraying on Suave Professionals Texurizing Sea Salt Spray onto you hair for an undone look that’s super trendy for 2017!

short hairstyles 2017: classic lob
Go for a subtle change this year via a lob. Photo credit:

3. Sleek Lob

Short hairstyles for 2017 are also about going for cuts that will subtly change your look. Hey, dramatic funky short hair cuts aren’t for everyone! Those veering in the subtle might might a short cut with some length, like a lob. Not only does this hairstyle look utterly gorgeous when worn smooth and sleek, it is actually rather versatile, too – simply switch up the position of your part, and you’ll be surprised at how different your hair will look! To get give your lob a luscious sheen, apply some serum, like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Serum, to your hair that will have you rocking some seriously shiny and frizz-free locks.

short hairstyles 2017: crimped hair
A retro look that is so hot for 2017.

4. Crimped Bob

Crimped hair is back, and that’s a good thing! This time around, we are all about the new and improved style, featuring larger and more understated crimps. We especially love this look when paired with a fun color as you showcase your fun personality and savvy sense of style.

short hairstyles 2017: bangs and a bob
The bob/bang combo is one of our favorites for 2017. Photo credit:

5. Bangs and Bob

The marriage between bangs and the bob is going strong and it’s certainly one of our favorite on-trend looks for 2017.This chic yet classic look is all about a defined cut that can fall right at your cheekbones, or above, for a super flattering look. Complement this style with some bangs and you have one of the hottest short hairstyles for women 2017.

short hairstyles 2017: buzz cut
Ready to have little-to-no hair in 2017? Photo credit:

6. Buzz Cut

Get buzzed in 2017 by opting for a very short haircut this year via a buzz cut. There are actually tons of variations of this look where you can opt to go for a full buzz cut (little-to-no hair) or a quasi buzz where you may have some length to contend with. Whatever you decide, we are sure you will rock this look with ease in 2017.

short hairstyles 2017: shag haircut
All about those layers. Photo credit:

7. Shag Cut

If you like to live life on the wild side, this could be the cropped ‘do for you. Featuring loads of layers at varying lengths, this short haircut has heaps of texture that’s edgy and super trendy. Want to give this look even more edge? Then opt for a piecey fringe, and apply a small amount some hair wax to your hair for a messy bed-head look that’s super low maintenance.

short hairstyles 2017: curly hair
Rock those curls with ease in 2017. Photo credit:

8. Curly Crop

We are all about embracing your natural texture in 2017 and beyond! For a look that’s effortless cool, opt for a curly crop a.k.a the curly pixie where you can show-off your awesome curls. For bouncy waves, apply a styling mousse, like Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse, throughout your hair. Let it air-dry, or get some help with a diffuser, and go about your day, looking fierce, of course!

short hairstyles 2017: bowl cut
Back and better than ever. Photo credit:

9. Bowl Cut

Another blast from the past short haircut that’s making its rounds amongst trendsetters in 2017 is the bowl cut. Not your Mama’s bowl haircut, the modern look is all about dramatic bangs and a rounded cut that circles your head. Not into the long bangs, sweep them to the side or opt for a micro fringe for your 2017 short haircut.

short hairstyles 2017: bleached mushroom hair
A mushroom cut with an edge. Photo credit:

10. Bleached Mushroom Cut

Another variation on the bowl cut is this cool bleached mushroom/pixie cut that’s all about a middle part. This cut is all about its really short length that you can accentuate via a middle part and bleached strands. Have fun with this look by switching up your part and even rocking some accessories every now and again.

short hairstyles 2017: wavy bob
Accentuate your bob in 2017 with some waves. Photo credit:

11. Wavy Bob

Do you have a naturally wavy locks? Then we envy you, because you can totally pull off this look with ease! Thanks to its shorter length, working a wavy bob hairstyle is an ideal way to tame those unruly strands, while simultaneously giving you an ultra voluminous and oh-so-chic finish.

Do you love this look, but have super straight strands? No need to stress, simply grab your curling wand and gently curl small sections of hair at a time, before brushing through your ‘do to loosen the curls. Finish things off with a spritz of the TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray to lock in this awesome style.

short hairstyles 2017: bob with layers
An upgraded bob with some piecey layers. Photo credit:

12. Piecey Bob

Or maybe 2017 will be all about checking out an upgraded classic with the piecey bob. What is typically thought of as a straight lined haircut is now resurfacing as something a little more modern, and even edgier. Opt for longer, zig-zag like layers around your cut that you can compliment with a long face-framing bang.

short hairstyles 2017: pixie and a shag
An edgy look that we are bound to see more of in 2017. Photo credit:

13. Pixie/Shag

Hybrid cuts are some of our favorite short haircuts for women 2017. This revamped ‘cool girl’ haircut is all about a short pixie cut that’s accentuated by its choppy bangs and longer mullet. Be prepared for some regular trims to keep this look going strong throughout the year.

Looking for more short hairstyles 2017? Then be sure to check out these pictures of short haircuts to swoon over.





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29 March 2017