Plan Your Week-Long Glam with Our 7 Days of Short Hairstyles Cheat Sheet

A new hairstyles for everyday of the week!

Do you ever feel like your hairstyling game gets stuck in a rut and your looks end up being the same for weeks at a time? We know that we’ve been there more than a few times and we’re constantly looking for some major inspo to shake things up. If you’re a short-haired girl finding yourself in need of some hairstyle inspiration for your week, look no further! Check out our 7 days of short hairstyles to find some of your new go-to looks. These looks are easy to create and will make you feel confident and refreshed, every day.

Monday: Twisted Boho Updo

7 days of short hairstyles boho updo
Start the week off with a fun twist on a work appropriate updo!

Let’s start off the week with a fun yet work appropriate style. Create some soft twists starting the front of your head leading back into your bun. This style is super easy to create but looks complex and sophisticated.

Statement Hair Clips

7 days of short hairstyles statement clips
You can’t go wrong with some statement hair clips.

One of our fave current viral trends is statement hair clips. These bold accessories add so much flare to your style with practically zero effort. Give the rest of your hair some shine with a few spritzes of Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Hairspray.

Wednesday: Beach Waves

7 days of short hairstyles beach waves
Go for a carefree beachy style.

Create some beach waves to spice up your look mid-week. Create small curls either by sleeping in damp braids or using a curling iron. Whichever you choose, run your fingers through the style to loosen the curl pattern and add some needed texture with Bed Head by TIGI Queen Beach Salt Infused Texture Spray.

Thursday: Double Dutch Braids

7 days of short hairstyles double dutch braid
We are obsessed with this braided headband style!

If you are a skilled braider or interested in stepping up your braid game, then you need to try this double dutch braided headband! It’s a great style that adds texture to your look while keeping your hair out off your face throughout the day.

Friday: Messy Top Knot

7 days of short hairstyles half up half down
Go for a chic messy top knot for your Friday!

We love a messy top knot to finish off the work week. This style is the perfect mix of casual, cute and ready to hit happy hour! There are so many ways to achieve a messy top knot, we recommend keeping the style on the looser side for more texture.

Saturday: Plaited Pony

7 days of short hairstyles plaited pony
How perfect is the braided ponytail for a Saturday night out?

If you’re planning on spending your Saturday night out, then you need to try this loose-plaited pony style! Create some loose braids on either side of your ponytail and finish the look by wrapping a small section of hair around the elastic to conceal it. This immediately gives the look a more legit feel.

Sunday: Half Up Half Down

7 days of short hairstyles half up half down
Finish your week with an easy and chill hairstyle.

We don’t know about you, but by Sunday our hair is on its last day before needing a good wash. This means greasy roots need to be concealed! Half up half down styles are perfect for this because it’ll hide any oily strands and still look totally cute. Start your style with some dry shampoo to soak up as much oil as possible and give your style extra volume. We love TRESemmé Between Washes Volumizing Dry Shampoo to get us through Sunday with a stylish look.