5 Easy and Quick Curly Updos That’s Perfect for Curly Hair to Wear this Weekend

Time to wrap it up.

Hooray, it’s the weekend! With all of the styling that you likely try out on your curly hair during the week, it’s nice to take a break and do quick and easy curly updos for play. Whether you have brunch on the agenda, a sweat-feast at the gym or a casual weekend of errands, quick updos for curly hair is one of the easiest way to showcase a cool style as you get your curly hair out of your face. Plus, these curly hair updos are totally gorgeous where the extra texture from your natural curls can instantly up your style game. From twisted updos to the classic top knot, check out some of our favorite weekend-friendly easy curly hair updos that will have you out of the house in no time.

Top 5 Quick Updos for Curly Hair

The best quick updos for curly hair to try this weekend--easy curly updos to try
We always love a good braid on the weekend. Mark this down as a perfect style for naturally curly hair updos.

1.  Easy Curly Updos: Braided Curly Top Knot

We love how elegant, but not stuffy this top knot curly hair option looks. This is just one of many updos for curly hair that’s great if you have shoulder-length or longer hair. Start off this style by braiding the front section of your hair backwards. If you need a refresher, here is our tutorial on braiding curly hair! Then, secure the braid at the end. Pull all of the rest of your hair up and into a top knot. Play with the top knot style until you get little curls that stick up for even more texture.

The best quick updos for curly hair to try this weekend--curly updos are easy to do
It’s all twisty and perfect. Curly updos can be fast to create too!

2. Easy Curly Updos: Twisted Half-Updo

This twisted half-updo from NYFW is so dreamy. It’s also surprisingly easy to create! Keep this in your updos for curly hair folder. It’s great for day or night. All you need to do is master the French twist. It’s just like the French braid, but instead of three pieces it’s only two. You simply take two sections from the front of your hair and twist. Add another small section of hair to the bottom section of the twist and twist again. Keep on going until you’ve twisted to the center back of your hair. When you get there, secure it in place with bobby pins. Finish off this style with lots of shine. We like a light misting of the TRESemmé Smooth & Silky No Frizz Shine Spray over the entire finished style.

The best quick updos for curly hair to try this weekend--An easy curly updo for naturally curl hair updos
The cutest ponytail ever. It’s one of the fast and perfect naturally curly hair updos that’s awesome year-round. Top it with a hair accessory to change up the look. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

3.  Easy Curly Updos: Perfectly Plump Ponytail

If you’re starting out on freshly washed hair, we recommend this quickie ponytail style, it’s a go-to for naturally curly hair updos. While your hair is wet, work on getting those cute defined curls, so your style will be done in minutes. We like to use the Bed Head By TIGI Foxy Curls Contour Cream to define curls, and then blow-dry with the diffuser attachment. When you’ve got your defined, dried curls, pull them up into a high ponytail. Fluff out your curls to get the biggest tail possible. Voila! Another great updos for curly hair style.

The best quick updos for curly hair to try this weekend--Super chic easy curly updos
Elegant but easy updos for curly hair to pull off.

4. Easy Curly Updos: Voluminous Chignon

How totally gorgeous is this chignon? We’re obsessed with the simplicity and elegance of this look. To start this style, you’ll need to work some volume into your roots. You could always tease your hair or use a root boosting spray. If you’re starting on wet hair we recommend using a bit of the Catwalk By TIGI Root Boost Spray before blowdrying. With your hair dry and positioned backwards, section your hair into thirds vertically. For the center section, pull up the ends of your hair, folding to get a nice curve at the nape of your neck. Pin those ends in place and cover by crossing the two other sections over, then pin the style in place.

The best quick updos for curly hair to try this weekend
For our risk takers. Edgy and modern naturally curly hair updos. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5.  Easy Curly Updos: Curly Fauxhawk

Want an easy but edgy style?  Something modern for naturally curly hair updos? Try the curly fauxhawk. For these updos for curly hair, it’s helpful to have hair that is just about shoulder length. Create even sections horizontally down your head, you’ll need four or five depending on how thick your hair is. Then, just pull each section into a tight ponytail. Make sure you line up the ponytails and give the tails a good fluff to get that fauxhawk look.

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