7 Reasons Why You Should Get Ombré Hair

All Things Hair | 22 September 2016

Trust us: you’ll want to rock ombré locks after reading this.

Ombré hair isn’t anything new: the hair trend has been around for years now, yet it’s remained a popular style among celebrities and beauty bloggers alike. Why? Well, for so many reasons (including the fact that it’s one of the most low-maintenance dye jobs ever!). But if that’s still not enough to convince you, then read on to discover 7 reasons why you should get ombré hair now!

Ombré Hair: 7 Reasons to Work the Trend

ombré hair reasons to get it
Ombré hair doesn’t require much maintenance! Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

1. It’s low maintenance.

When it comes to coloring your hair, the main challenge we all face is maintaining our new hue for as long as possible. But because the color change with the ombre hair technique starts halfway down your strands, you’ll never need to revisit the salon for a root touch-up – making it the perfect dye job for all you time-poor ladies out there!

2. It can be subtle or bold

Depending on the color you opt for (and the positioning of it), the effect can be as bold or as subtle as you like. If you want a really natural look, then consider choosing a color that’s one shade lighter than your natural hue. Or, if you’re feeling a little braver, why not make a colorful statement with a pretty pastel hair color or a bright neon shade? Both look amazing and are equally on-trend, so there’s nothing to lose!

ombré hair subtle bold
Ombré hair can be subtle or bold. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

3. It’s doesn’t have to be a drastic change.

If you’re weary of dyeing your hair, or are a self-confessed commitment-phobe, then rest assured that the ombre trend is the perfect one for you. Why? Because not only is it less drastic than dyeing your whole head, but if you don’t like the ombre color, you can slowly trim the ends off as your hair grows! Remember: there’s no such thing as forever when it comes to hair color.

4. It isn’t as damaging as a full-on dye job.

As the ombré trend focuses on changing the color of the bottom half of your strands, you won’t have to subject your hair to as much trauma as you would if you were to dye your whole head. Yes, the ends of your hair may become more dry and damaged after the use of hair dye or bleach, but the top section and your roots won’t! Ah, music to our ears.

5. You can experiment with different hair colors.

Can’t decide on blonde, pumpkin spice, pink or purple? Don’t fret: the beauty of ombré hair is that you can opt for absolutely any color under the sun! Don’t believe us? Check out our how to rock blue ombré hair! After all, when was one color enough for anyone?

ombré hair braids styles
Ombré hair looks gorgeous in braids, too. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

6. Ombré hair makes braids look prettier

Thanks to the color placement of the ombré technique, it creates subtle tonal contrast throughout your locks – and what better way to show that off, than in a inverted fishtail braid or upside down braided bun? Due to the color combination and the weaving of the hair, ombre locks look uber gorgeous when styled into braids.

7. It suits both short and long hair.

Who said that ombre hair was reserved for those with super long tresses? Not us, that’s for sure! This subtle hair coloring method also works a charm for short crops! Try out as a fun way to freshen up your recent cut.

Editor’s tip: If you do decide to embrace the ombre trend, then remember to swap your usual wash and care system for one specially formulated for color-treated hair. We recommend the TRESemmé Color Revitalize Shampoo and the TRESemmé Color Revitalize Conditioner.

Looking for more amazing ombre hair color inspiration? Check out how to get red ombré hair at home.

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