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This is the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Next Wedding Event

A perfect style for your next wedding event.

The cooler wedding season is upon us and we are so excited! If you’ve been invited to yet another wedding (they seem to all come out of nowhere, right??), then we’ve got some major inspo for your next event. This style is the perfect wedding guest hairstyle, it’s elegant, formal and really easy to create on your own! Keeping reading and learn which products are crucial to creating this style and making it sure it lasts the whole wedding.

Our Current Fave Wedding Guest Hairstyle

wedding guest hairstyle heat protectant
Make sure to protect your strands before styling.

1. Heat Protect Before Styling

This wedding guest hairstyle requires your to create some loose curls with a curling iron. Before you curl your hair, remember to use a heat protectant spray. A heat protectant will not only keep your strands safe from breakage, it will also give you a shine and frizz-free finish! TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray is one of our faves to use before any serious styling.

wedding guest hairstyle side look
The statement clip is what makes this style pop.

2. Create Your Wedding Guest Hairstyle

This style is so easy to create! Start with a deep side part, for added drama. Create large curls with your curling iron or wand. On the side with lesser hair, add a statement hair clip for added flair. Clips are still trending and will be a hot accessory to wear this coming wedding season. We love how effortless it is and just how quickly it can amp up a look.

wedding guest hairstyle hairspray
Hairspray is key to keeping this style in tact.

3. Seal Your Look

It’s important to make sure that your hairstyle will be curled and voluminous the entire wedding. Use a long-wearing hairspray to keep your style in tact. We love Dove Style+ Care Compressed Extra Hold Hairspray for a lightweight finish and secure hold.

This wedding guest hairstyle doesn’t take long to create and always ends up looking great. If you have a statement hair clip you’ve been dying to incorporate into a look, then this is the perfect time!

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