Hippie Inspired Hairstyles are the Perfect Way to Refresh Your Look

These hairstyles are totally groovy, dude!

With a new season just in sight, it’s time to shake things up with your style! We love boho inspired beauty and fashion and think it’s a great style to incorporate into your look. Hippie inspired hairstyles are all about texture, volume, and accessories. Get creative with how you style your headbands and change up your texture by using your hot tools a little differently. These looks are all hippie inspired and perfect to give your look some extra flair.

hippie inspired hairstyles tight curls
Tighter curls and volume are chic and easy.

1. Tight Curls

Curled hair is a popular and classic style, but we love this look with slightly tighter curls. When you’re using your curling iron, keep the strands tighter around the barrel and for a little longer than you would for loose waves. Switch the direction you wrap your hair around the curler to create movement and the impression that your hair is naturally curly. Finish with Suave Professionals Firm Control Finishing Hairspray to keep your curls tight and fresh.

hippie inspired hairstyles natural volume
Volume is key!

2. Voluminous Afro

When it comes to hippie inspired hairstyles, the bigger the better! Let your natural hair do its thing and give it the voluminous boost it deserves. Keep frizz out of your hair with TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Gel. This gel will define your curls and keep your afro bouncy and healthy.

hippie inspired hairstyles bandana
Use a bandana as a headband.

3. Bandana

Bandanas are an easy and cute accessory to create your boho look. We love styling a bandana across the forehead, it adds more texture to your strands and keeps your hair out of your face.

hippie inspired hairstyles mini braids
Create multiple small braids throughout your hair to add texture.

4. Mini Braids

If you aren’t great at styling your own hair then this style is for you. Mini braids are a great way to create texture and takes almost no time at all. Simply create a few braids of different sizes on either side of your head. Start some braids on top of your head and others underneath

hippie inspired hairstyles headbands
Headbands are beautiful and boho.

5. Headbands

Headbands are the quintessential style when you think about hippie inspired hairstyles. You can use a flower crown or nature inspired headband. Complete the look by adding more texture to your strands with Bed Head by TIGI Big Head Volume Boosting Foam.