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Truth or Myth: Can Your Strands Become Immune to Hair Care?

Is your hair one step ahead of the wash game?

The word on the street is that your hair will eventually become immune to your current shampoo and conditioner duo over time. Is hair product immunity true or is it just a myth? We’re here to answer this question and settle it, once and for all. If you’ve wondered whether or not you need to be constantly switching up your hair care to keep your strands on their toes, we’ve got the answers. Keep on reading to learn more about hair product immunity:

Hair Product Immunity: Is It Real?

Drumroll please! We officially declare hair product immunity a myth! This statement is far from the truth, don’t believe it for a second. Here’s the truth:

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There’s no need to stress about switching up your hair care products. Your hair can’t become immune to it, so if you find your perfect duo, don’t stop using it. If you are experiencing various issues with your hair health, your strands could be trying to tell you something about other lifestyle and hair care choices.

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With all of these possible hair factors in mind, there are hair care products that can protect your strands from further damage and help them recover.

Avoiding pollution particles and UV rays is impossible–but there are products you can use to protect your strands! TRESemmé Frizz Protect Hair Spray is perfect for fighting humidity, frizz, pollution, and harmful sun rays. You can use a few spritzes of this product before heading to any destination, not just the beach!

If heat styling is your thing, then you could be damaging your strands without the use of a heat protectant. We totally get wanting to style your strands everyday, but if you’re going to choose this route then it’s key that you protect. Just spray your hair with some TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray before going in with a dryer, or hot tool and you’ll be keeping your hair way healthier and happier.

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