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Truth or Myth: Does Lemon Juice Bleach Hair?

Here's the truth.

We’re back at it again with solving some popular hair myth or truths for you! Today we’ll be tackling a popular one: does lemon juice bleach hair? There’s a popular belief that applying lemon juice to your strands will help lighten them to a blonder color. Keep reading and we’ll give you all the answers you need to answer this common question:

Does Lemon Juice Bleach Hair?

If you’ve been wondering whether or not adding lemon to your hair will bleach and lighten it, we’re here to give you the answers. This “hair hack” has been practiced by so many women over countless summers, but is it really doing anything? And if so, what is it doing to your strands to bring about that lighter shade?

does lemon juice bleach hair myth

We consider this one a half-myth. No, lemon juice will not change your hair color alone. The lemon juice paired with UV rays from the sun is what causes this lightening of your strands. So you can give this trick a try during the summer, but there are a few things to be wary of.

does lemon juice bleach hair science

We really only recommend this for naturally lighter hair colors as darker shades could only end up becoming a little red and we’re guessing that’s not your goal. Despite this seeming like a fun idea to try while hanging at the beach or by the pool, this lemon method could cause some serious damage to your strands. UV rays can be very strong and dry out your hair and make it weaker.

Food for Thought

It’s best to leave the bleaching to the professionals and make sure to put your hair health first. Instead of exposing your strands to harsh UV rays, focus on protecting them. We highly recommend spraying some sun protectant like Bed Head by TIGI Beach Bound Protection Spray. This spray will help filter out harsh UV rays and also moisturize your strands throughout the day.

If you do try out this little lemon-bleaching trick and find that your strands are a little drier than usual, go in with a hair mask! We are currently obsessed with Emerge Back to Life Hair Mask.

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