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Best Curls: How to Get the Curlicues You Crave

Every curl matters.

Ever wondered how you can get the best curls of your life once and for all? You are in the right place. Getting your curls to behave and look the way you want it to truly depends on you. You are in the position to buy and use the right products and tools on your hair to help you achieve the look you deserve.

Don’t know where to start? Here are our top three tips to help you out for any curl type:

How to Get The Best Curls Ever

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1. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

If you want your curls to have life, what you wash your hair with is very important. Some curly girls tend to stick to washing their hair with a cleansing conditioner as they feel it’s gentler on their curls than traditional shampoos. If this is a concern for you, use Love Beauty and Planet Purposeful Hydration Shea Butter & Sandalwood Gentle Cleansing Conditioner to wash your hair as it will leave you with clean and moisturized curls.

2. Find a style technique you love.

After much trial and error, you will eventually find the hair styling technique that gives you the best curls. From hair plopping to using a diffuser to reduce frizz, there are many drying and styling methods you can use on your ringlets.

3. Your nighttime routine matters.

Not all curly girls can wash and style their hair on a daily basis. In fact, over washing your hair type isn’t encouraged. If you’re remoisturizing your hair at night, be sure to use a hair oil as your last step. Add a lightweight oil like Love Beauty and Planet Hope And Repair Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang 3-In-1 Benefit Oil.

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