3 Useful Anti-Pollution Hair Care Tips to Know

Protect your hair from the great outdoors.

Did you know pollution can contribute to the unhealthy state and the dull look and feel of your hair? Think about it for a moment. After a day of heading out and about, don’t you sometimes realize that your hair feels heavier and looks bland by the end of the day? You can blame pollution for that, but there’s an easy fix with the use of anti-pollution hair care products and hair accessories that will help you protect your hair in style.

Read on to for our top three tips for protecting your hair against environmental aggressors.:

anti-pollution hair care long
Protect your hair from the environment.

1. Wash hair with an anti-pollution hair care system.

Nexxus City Shield Shampoo and Conditioner was created specifically for women that are in constant contact with pollution during their everyday commutes. Use this anti-pollution hair care system on any hair type to protect hair from heat, humidity and whatever else is flowing in the air that may do your precious strands more harm than it does any good.

anti-pollution hair care scarf
A hair scarf never looked cuter. Protect your mane in style!

2. Protect hair with a hat or scarf.

Wearing a hat or scarf on your hair not only gives your outfit a fun update, these items are also good for protecting your hair from pollution. If you need some ideas on how to wear the two, you can start with our favorite dad hat hairstyles and our top ways to style a scarf.

3. Shield with a serum or a hair oil.

Serums have the ability to protect hair from environmental aggressors. For normal to dry hair types, we recommend using Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum. This serum, in particular, is a water-based formula that hydrates and protects. The pearls inside the serum restore a protective barrier for improved control and manageability.

If you’re not into serums, consider using a hair oil instead. A few drops of castor oil or argan oil (which is much lighter than castor oil) works well as a barrier between your hair and pollution.

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