Stranger Things Has All the 80s Hair We’re Obsessed With

Season 2 starts tomorrow! 

We’re on an 80s hair kick lately, and looks like the planets are on our side: Stranger Things has been feeding this fixation to the hilt. The Netflix original series, the sleeper hit that immediately shot to cult status upon its release last year, is set to premiere its second season tomorrow and we’re beyond stoked! The show has won over fans and critics alike with its campy ’80s treatment, complete with vintage typography, classic sci-fi references (we can’t wait to get a deeper dive into the Upside Down) and of course, its electro-synth soundtrack. And did we mention the hair?

Although we couldn’t help but fall in love with the show—which revolves around a group of young boys caught in small-town supernatural hijinks, government conspiracies and their mysterious new friend at the center of it all—it’s the looks of the characters that truly bring us back. Feathered hair and mop shags? All. Of. The. Nostalgia!

Below, we break down all the fabulous 80s hair from the gals of the series. And just in case you’re still on the fence on this trend, just ask yourself: What Would Barb Do?

Stranger Things: Awesome 80s Hair from Our Fave Girls

80s hair stranger things joyce shag
Low-maintenance and easy to style, the shag is a cute look with a touch of cool-girl irony. Photo credit: Netflix

1. Joyce: The Shag

The quintessential ’do of the decade, Joyce’s version goes Full Mom with the look, complete with piecey bangs and choppy, sticky layers that may or may not have seen better days. (We’re thinking it may have been a fuller, flippy blowout pre-divorce, or even a textured, wavy lob pre-son abduction.) Whatever iteration our favorite steadfast single mom goes with though is a testament to this look’s complete versatility—so much so it’s deemed the reissue of the year, especially with West Coasters who can’t get enough of the shag‘s indie-cool girl aesthetic. Bonus: It looks pretty cool set against fairy lights.

80s hair stranger things eleven buzzcut
Not for the faint of heart (or mind), the buzzcut flatters those with oval, round or heart-shaped faces. Photo credit: Netflix

2. Eleven: The Buzzcut

Blood, sweat and tears? Yep, that’s the kickass Eleven (real name: Jane Ives) for you, who rocked the buzzcut like no other psychokinetic’s business. Being the new girl on the block with the edgiest haircut didn’t exactly help this not-quite-Plain Jane assimilate, who, in a heart-moving bid for normalcy, even tries to don a platinum wig to fit in (Spoiler: She doesn’t.). Such is the grrrl power you get from a full-on shaved head, which, as buzzcut enthusiasts know, isn’t really made for Plain Janes anyway. No guarantees that you’ll be able to beat bullies up with your mind/cross the time-space continuum, but hey, you’ll certainly be the talk of the town. Stay tuned on how she manages to grow out this look for Season 2!

80s hair stranger things nancy twists
Get the twisted details right with bobby pins and some texturizing spray. Photo credit: Netflix

3. Nancy: The Twist

If you’re the Type A who loves a good mystery to shake things up because you’re, you know, kind of bored with your small-town existence, we’re pretty sure Nancy’s archetypal 80s hair look is up your alley. Her twisted half-updo is all sorts of wearable (and on-trend on this year’s runways), and her ash brown locks—done in intricate loose waves—are almost too delicate for fictional Hawkins, Indiana. The look is sweet, feminine and actually effortless, a.k.a. all it takes to get the local Big Man On Campus, as well as the brooder from the wrong side of the tracks, both wrapped around your finger.

80s hair stranger things barb wave
Just roll with it: A wavy bob helps you go with the flow, we promise. Photo credit: Netflix

4. Barb: The Wave

Ah, the road to hell—or the Upside Down—is definitely paved with good intentions… and maybe some mousse. Yes, our spirit animal/professional well-meaning best friend Barb gets more than she bargains for as she’s sucked into the icky netherworld, but that wavy bob though. She works one of 2017’s biggest trends into an 80s hair version, complete with vintage rolls on each side just perfect for wistful leans against school lockers. Emulate the look with a boy-cut bob and some blowdry lotion, and get ready to pout your way into the hearts of Demogorgons everywhere. #Slay

80s hair stranger things karen feathered layers
Of COURSE I used hot rollers. Photo credit: Netflix

5. Karen: The Feather

Nothing matches a cul-de-sac and a tuna casserole better than some feathered layers, amirite? Everyday is a good hair day with Karen, who deftly kills soccer-mom chic with medium-length, middle-parted waves, a perennial 80s hair trend reference. If you’ve got some volumizing mousse, a set of hot rollers and a good heart masked by suburban self-righteousness, you’re all set: This trendy look is actually wildly flattering, with a subtle sex appeal that works equally well when charming your husband or judging your daughter’s (and Joyce’s) life choices.

Season 2 of Stranger Things premieres Friday, October 27th on Netflix.

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