Simple Hairstyles from NYFW

Serena Norr | 29 September 2016

Hot off the runway hairstyles that are really easy to recreate!

There were surprisingly a lot of simple hairstyles from NYFW that graced the catwalk this year in NYC. Which is good news for all of us who get inspired by the looks and really want to recreate them at home. From the modern mullet to natural curls, here are some simple hairstyles that you can easily replicate.

Simple Hairstyles from New York Fashion Week to Try

simple hairstyles from NYFW
Clean cut bangs and long hair as seen at NYFW. Photo credit:

1. Clean Cut Bangs

If you’re someone with long hair, you might get bored from time-to-time with your look. While you don’t want to go for the big chop, adding some dimension to your face via some bangs could be a great way to mix things up. We love this look as seen on the runway with clean cut bangs that are chopped right above the eyebrows. Perfect way to have your taste at shorter strands without actually going there.

mullet hair at NYFW
The mullet in all its glory at NYFW. Photo credit:

2.  Mullet

We’ve been professing our love for the mullet for some time, so we just love that this chop made it’s way on the runway. Featuring a two-one-hairstyle that transcends decades, we love this modern iteration that’s complete with feathery ends from the ’70s and shaggy bangs. Go for this look if you are on the fence about going super short, or are ready to rock the ultimate hairstyle trend for 2017.

simple hairstyles NYFW long hair
Sleek, long hair was big deal at NYFW. Photo credit:

3. Sleek Part

We’ve started to see more of the deep side parted look on the red carpet and throughout NYC and love how this hairstyle looks so put together without having to do all that much. The main focus of this style is all about the defined and frizz-free side part, which you can achieve by using some hair gel like the Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting GelSimply use a dollop along your hair, leading down towards your ends for a sleek and refined hairstyle that’ll work on short or long hair.

simple hairstyles natural curls
Embrace your curls with this hot-off-the-runway look from NYFW. Photo credit:

4. Natural Curls

Viva la curls! We just love how girls with naturally curly hair are finally able to rock what they have without feeling like they have to change their hair all the time. This was clearly evidenced at NYFW as we saw everything from afro hairstyles to naturally curls all have their day. For this look, style your hair with some mousse like the Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse to help bring definition and bounce to your awesome curls.

simple hairstyles from NYFW hidden braids
A hidden braid is a fun way to upgrade your style without doing that much. Photo credit:

5. Hidden Braid

We are all about the hidden braid and clearly so were the stylists at NYFW. This simple hairstyle idea essentially involves adding a small braid around the frame of your face. This look is as low-commitment as it gets where you can showcase your stylish efforts in less than five minutes

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