What Treatments Should You Always Get In a Salon?

Allison Schmidt | 29 September 2016

Head to the salon for tricky treatments. 

As much as we love getting down and dirty with DIY hair treatments, some hair treatments are just better to be done at a salon by hair care professionals. Plus, who ever said no to a treat yourself day getting your hair pampered? Not us! From fixing frizz to fixing hair dye faux pas, salon treatments can help you get your best hair yet. Read on to learn what treatments need to be done by a professional at a salon.

Salon Treatments

Salon professional treatments give the best results.

1. Keratin Treatment

If you want sleek hair that will last up to three months, head to your local salon. Keratin treatments can range anywhere from sorting out frizz and leaving your curls, to getting some seriously straight hair. The keratin treatment will wash out overtime so be sure to properly maintain it for the longest lasting results.

2. Japanese Hair Straightening

If a perfectly pin straight style is what you need, a Japanese hair straightening treatment can give you straight hair that will last you all the way through six months. This is an intense process to say the least, and there isn’t a good way to replicate it from home. Basically, this treatment breaks the bonds inside your hair that form curls and re-bonds them to make them pin straight. Eventually as your hair grows out it will need to be re-bonded again. This process may be damaging to your hair over time so be sure to show it some TLC and treat your ends with the Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Mask once a week.


3. Ombré

An ombré dye job may seem easy enough to do from home, but if you are working with bleach for the first time, it’s a good idea to get it done at a salon. It is all too easy to end up with dip dyed ends that look brassy and dried out rather than the subtle color change you intended. A hair color professional knows the ins and outs of bleaching hair and will be able to seamlessly blend your ombré to look natural.

4. Hair Dye Removal

If you’ve had your hair permanently dyed and want to make a big change to a new color you may need to have a hair dye removal treatment. A lot of hair dye colors cannot be applied on top of already dyed hair. Think back to coloring, you’d be hard pressed to cover brown with red. Putting dye on top of dye can alter the color and your end result won’t be what you are looking for. Hair dye removal will strip your hair of the current dye color so you are starting with a clean base.

5. Scalp Facial

You read that right, scalp facials are a real thing. For a dry, itchy, irritated scalp seek the help of a salon professional. It may be dandruff, or it could just be product build up. A scalp facial will exfoliate the skin of your scalp and soothe it with moisturizing products. A salon professional will have an easier time making sure that you’re scalp isn’t getting over exfoliated which can do more harm than good.

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