Runway Look Roundup: Romantic Hairstyles at Rebecca Minkoff

Eunice Lucero | 12 September 2016

Romantic waves were all the rage at the Rebecca Minkoff show.

For her showing for New York Fashion Week, Rebecca Minkoff wanted the look to be as organically chic as possible: A natural, globetrotter type of glam, romantic hairstyles were left soft and wavy, yet structured enough to withstand hell or high water (or the hectic streets of the urban jungle, as it were).  Known for her downtown spin on feminine classics, the social-media savvy designer opted for a look nicknamed “gypsetter,” which, as TRESemmé stylist Jeanie Syfu stated, is their take on effortless glam. In short, loose texture, natural ringlets and even some piecey, travel-weary bangs, to evoke long trips to exotic locales, perhaps?

Whatever the case may be, the hair was refreshingly egalitarian and provided the perfect foil for her collection’s transitional feel. Amidst statement leather jackets and moody florals were shiny, dew-dropped ringlets and huge molten waves—basically, cool-girl hair with a lot of natural movement and which gleamed with a healthy-looking shine.

Read on to check out some of our favorite NYFW looks from the Rebecca Minkoff show:

Romantic Hairstyles from Rebecca Minkoff

romantic hairstyles baby afro rebecca minkoff nyfw
A closely cropped afro is an understated way to wear your texture out. Photo credit:

1. Baby Afro

A sweet, abbreviated Afro hairstyle is a foolproof way to showcase your natural texture without any of the fuss. We spied some hair pick action backstage, where models flipped their ‘fros over in order to infuse more volume as the hair was picked from the nape upwards.

romantic hairstyles long shiny dark hair rebecca minkoff nyfw
Vertical curls, when brushed out, result in soft and shiny waves. Photo credit:

2. Shiny waves

We’ve gotten too used to seeing rough, gritty texture in seasons past (hello, backcombing!), so the loose, relaxed shine the models sported while traipsing down at Rebecca Minkoff was a huge palate cleanser. One half chunky tousle, one half Hollywood curls, its freshly scrubbed gleam is what seals the deal in this highly achievable look. Waves are everywhere, and this season’s version is all that you want and more: Soft, polished and undeniably pretty.

romantic hairstyles loose ringlets rebecca minkoff nyfw
Downtown girls love shiny curls. Photo credit:

3. Wet-Look Ringlets

Romantic hairstyles that look like they’re at the midway point of a blow-dry session didn’t use to turn heads. Something about this look though just screams fresh, fun and surprisingly sophisticated. Call them chillax curls: Loose, brushed-out ringlets that, instead of looking frizzy, are actually lush and properly moisturized and make us look like we woke from the right side of the bed in the a.m.

romantic hairstyles rich girl hair rebecca minkoff nyfw
Well groomed yet uncontrived — that’s what rich girl hair is made of. Photo credit:

4. Rich-Girl Hair

There’s something inherently awesome about hair that looks like it withstood a whole night of partying with its integrity (and shine) intact. Rich-girl hair, or slightly staticky locks with a small bend, continues to be on-trend. We’re guessing its the sheer ease of wear that gives this look its mass appeal… not to mention the very French sex appeal of anything slightly undone.

romantic hairstyles pieces bangs rebecca mink off nyfw
An eye-grazing fringe puts the focus on smoldering fall makeup (and poppin’ cheekbones). Photo credit:

5. Piecey Bangs

A chunky fringe is one of the go-to romantic hairstyles for fall, especially for those who want to upgrade their looks without going too far from their comfort zone. Whether its because of its beanie-friendly aesthetic or the fact that humidity has finally, literally, chilled out for the season, rest assured choppy bangs help elevate your post-summer lob—especially as seen here in Rebecca’s iteration, paired with big-barreled waves.

romantic hairstyles tapered afro rebecca minkoff nyfw
An Afro that narrows slightly at the nape has a modern feel. Photo credit:

6. Tapered Afro

Natural-haired ladies who rock a proper Afro can also play with a few minor tweaks to this classic style. A gently tapered look that subtly thins out at the neckline gives the look more structure without sacrificing bounce and shape. Bonus points for being trench-coat friendly. Especially flattering on ladies with oval, round or triangle faces, the tapered ‘fro can make the most out of your narrow forehead and smaller chin.

romantic hairstyles fall ombre rebecca minkoff nyfw
Blink and you’ll miss it: A dark, moody sombre is the way to wear it this season. Photo credit:

7. Moody Sombré

This dark, maroon-to-burgundy subtle ombré was an unexpected yet very much welcome sight on the runway. Fall is prime time to debut a slightly redder hue—the tones instantly warm up and help prolong that fading summer tan, among other things—and it immediately stands out amidst a sea of blondes and brunettes. Bring this look into 2016 with a seamless balayage at the jawline that gives your color just the right amount of quirk.

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