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Quick Waves: 4 Must-Have Products for Loose Waves

Keep your waves loose-y goose-y with these must-have products

Loose and quick waves are highly desired for nights out, festivals, days by the beach… well, come to think of it, they’re pretty much the perfect style for any and every occasion. Many think that just loosely curling their hair will give them the beautiful waves they desire. Yes, it is that easy, but, no, that’s not quite all there is to it. What they don’t realize is that quick waves need a few products to keep them fun and flirty throughout the day. If you only curl your hair and then call it a day, you’re going to lose your style in about an hour.

Do not fear, just because there are some products you need to incorporate into your routine doesn’t mean that it’s going to get more complex or become more time consuming. These four products/steps to creating and maintaining your quick waves are incredibly easy and give you the ability to enhance your waves beyond what a only a curling iron can create. So, happy styling and see how much these products step up your quick waves game!

Quick Waves Are Going to Become Your New Go-To Style

Quick waves heat protectant
Heat protectant is a must before styling your hair!

Step 1. Prep your hair with heat protectant.

Before styling our wavy hair we do NOT want to weigh it down or overload it with prepping products that claim to help the curling/styling process because we want to work with the hair’s natural oils and texture while curling and then go in with products afterward to define the shape. It’s still absolutely crucial to use a heat protectant before using a hot tool to avoid frizz, breakage and split ends. Spray TRESemmé Repair and Protect Pre-Styling Spray and you’ll be good to go.

Quick waves featured image
Dry shampoo will revive your hair and give it volume!

Step 2. Add some dry shampoo.

This step might seem a little odd but dry shampoo is great to use after curling your hair as it adds some texture while removing unwanted oils at the root of your hair. We suggest using Suave Professionals Natural Refresh Dry Shampoo since we love that it’s infused with some argan oil, too! As you are massaging the product out of your hair, your curls will loosen and begin to take on a more natural, messy shape instead of the uniform loose waves you created with your curling iron.

Quick waves hair wax
Massage in just a touch of hair wax.

Step 3. Massage in a hint of molding wax.

This is another hack that might sound different but really works for quick waves if you do it correctly. If you want more texture, body, and chaos in your waves, then take a small, pea-sized amount of S Factor by TIGI Creamy Molding Wax (and we mean small) and massage it into the body of your waves with your pointer finger and thumb. Adding this hair wax will help keep the waves in place and the massaging motion will separate the wave further and keep that increased volume right where you positioned it for the rest of the day. Remember, less is more, the goal is to make these waves quickly and not have the finished product looking heavy and overdressed.

Quick waves hairspray
Use your hairspray sparingly.

Step 4. Finish with a little hairspray.

Hairspray is a godsend when it comes to keeping styles in place throughout the day, but this look is supposed to scream effortless and take no time at all to style. We encourage you to finish with a spray of the Catwalk by TIGI Work It Hair Spray, it’ll hold your style in place and condition it at the same time, but, we also urge you to keep it light so that your hair doesn’t get too overdone and lose the effortlessness of this style.

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