Editors’ Picks: Miriam’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2016

Miriam Herst | 22 December 2016
holiday gift guide

Gifts good enough to count for all eight days of Hanukkah. 

Growing up in Chicago meant that the holiday season always brought frosted windows, hours spent playing in the snow, cup after cup of hot chocolate, and picture perfect winter weather every Hanukkah. And with eight days of celebrating came eight days of small presents for me and my siblings. Now that we’re older and scattered around the country, celebrating together is a little more difficult. The best way to reminisce and feel like we’re together even when we’re miles apart is by sending each other cards and gifts in the mail. For my collection of holiday gift guide ideas, I’ve chosen items that are easy to package and ship off with a sweet note and a little bit of chocolate.

Keep reading for my holiday gift guide ideas and a little bit of reminiscing on holiday seasons past.

Miriam’s Holiday Gift Guide

For my sisters:

Growing up with three older sisters often meant that we all received variations of the same impersonal gift from well-meaning extended family during each holiday season. The matching daisy earrings of Hanukkah of 2010 will never be forgotten. As an ode to the old days, personalized Water Bobbles in different colors are practical gifts that will also make my sisters smile.

holiday gift guide

For my friends:

My friends and I are still caught up in the thrill of setting up our first apartments after graduating from college just over a year ago. A gift pack from T2 that includes a cup saucer, and a box of their famous French Earl Grey is a warm and welcoming way to usher in one of our first holiday seasons in our own homes.

For my mom:

My mom is a luxury handbag expert and while an addition to her growing collection isn’t quite in my budget, a wristlet designed by her favorite brand filled with a collection of travel-sized hair products definitely is. After teaching her how to use dry shampoo the last time I was home, travel-sized versions of my favorites are the perfect choice. The Dove Refresh + Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo is at the top of my list.


For my brother:

My 19-year-old brother is the adventurer of the family and after backpacking up the West Coast by himself last summer, he officially took the title for sportiest member of the group. A Sport Water Bobble is right up his alley and might be the best way to tell him how proud I am again for his biggest adventure yet.

For my grandmother:

My grandmother is constantly spoiling all of her grandchildren and is the most generous person I know. The Cleanse and Glow Travel Kit by Kate Somerville is my way of spoiling her for a change. The fact that it’s travel sized is my best attempt to encourage her to come and visit me in New York.

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