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Your Go-To Brand For a Bar of Soap Makes a Top Drugstore Dry Shampoo

Prepare yourself for a dry shampoo addiction.

Dry shampoo is one of those rare unicorns in the beauty world that falls into the category of products that don’t need to be expensive in order to be effective. And at the rate we go through bottles of the stuff, we’re grateful there are options that help us keep to our beauty budgets. Or at least not go too far over them on a regular basis. One of our top recommendations for drugstore dry shampoo might surprise you: Dove, what has historically been everyone’s go-to brand for a bar of soap, is one of the leading brands for drugstore dry shampoo. Their dry shampoo options are well-formulated and strategically designed to do the most for you when it comes to absorbing oil in your scalp and refreshing your strands. Read on to learn about the drugstore dry shampoo that you’ll be stocking up on in no time:

Our Top Recommendation for Drugstore Dry Shampoo

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Refresh all of your hair in under a minute.

While there is a range of options in the line of Dove dry shampoos, in our minds, there’s one option that has become the Holy Grail of the drugstore beauty world and that works for just about every hair type and texture: Dove Refresh+Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo.

We should warn you: once you get the hang of this dry shampoo, you’ll likely be picking up a bottle regularly. If you’re new to the dry shampoo scene then you’ll be hard-pressed to understand the magic of a spray-in product that truly mimics the feeling of freshly washed strands. And if you’re a dry shampoo veteran then you’ll be thrilled to find some of this magic that costs less than ten dollars.

Dove dry shampoo is formulated specifically with your hair in mind. Whether you have thin and flat strands or a thick and voluminous mane of hair, massaging this dry shampoo into your roots will instantly revive your hair and take it from lifeless to refreshed in seconds.

Hold the can 8-12 inches away from your scalp and spray the dry shampoo into your roots. Use your fingers to massage the product in as you would when massaging your scalp with regular shampoo until all the product is absorbed. You will start to feel the texture of your hair change as the dry shampoo refreshes and cleans by absorbing excess oil. After that, you can brush through your hair and style it as you normally would.

Next time you head to the drugstore to pick up a Dove beauty bar, grab a bottle of this award-winning drugstore dry shampoo. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you when the dry shampoo addiction sets in.

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