Your Ultimate Gallery of Two Strand Twist Styles, from Prep to Styling

Alyssa François | 28 August 2018

A round up of all things twist hairstyles! Scroll through to find your favorite.

It’s pretty evident that we’re having an obsession with twists and braid styles. Don’t blame us! We can’t help but fall in love with all of the popular two strand twist styles and braided hair looks for black women that we’re coming across. Whether the look is being worn for fun, as a protective style, or as a vacation style, above the rest (for now), the two strand twist look is yet another hairstyle we just can’t get over.

Below we’re taking the time to not only talk about these gorgeous styles, but to also give you a little background on the style, a few styling and prep tips for how you can recreate the look just the way you like. From long to short, skinny and thick, here’s your ultimate two strand twist styles gallery.

12 Two Strand Twist Styles to Love

Before we get into the stylish twists below, here’s a tip: To prep your hair for any kind of protective style, whether it be braids or twists, your hair should be clean, detangled and not too moisturized. Not too moisturized? Yes, if your hair is really slippery the extensions may slide off, or your stylist may have a harder time joining the extensions to your hair. Now let’s get into the styles!


two strand twist styles on blonde hair
Havana rope twist style on blonde hair.

1.Havana Twists

We’re currently having an obsession with this twisted style, especially learning how Khalia Harrison of the Coveted K used it as her vacation style. We love the look of this style above, which is installed with Marley braiding hair. If you’re going for a twisted look with a long and full texture, this is the perfect style to try out.

two strand twist style with yarn
Super neat yarn twist style. Pro tip: Burn the ends to seal your twists in place, but make sure you have the right hair first!

2. Yarn Two Strand Twists

Here’s a little fun fact: Besides being drawn to the look, many women opt for yarn twisted styles because the cost of twisting tools is price friendly. Yarn two strand twists can be created with acrylic yarn that you can possibly find for a few bucks in an arts and craft store. While we love any hairstyle that doesn’t break the bank, this isn’t the only reason why we love this twisted style. The texture is what we’re truly in love with.

two strand curly twists
You can go even lower than a bob with two strand twists. Try your hand at a pixie too!

3. Short and Curly Kinky Two Strand Twists

Like many other natural hair protective styles, two strand twists can be styled in various ways. If you want a bob cut with your twist, cut them short; if you want curly hair, wrap it around a curling iron. To remove the curling iron method from your routine, you can opt for wet and wavy braiding hair which curls up when it’s wet. To get this kinky effect above, however, use kinky hair so you’ll get this soft and loose natural looking effect. Roll the ends of your hair with rollers to create the curly look.

two strand twist styles: senegalese twist with turban
Dress your twists up with a cultural turban.

4. Senegalese Two Strand Twists

If you like the idea of wearing two strand twists with a traditional feeling, take cues from the African heritage and adorn your twist styles with a gorgeous printed turban or headwrap. Match your headwrap with your outfit and have fun with the look while showing your appreciation for the culture. This style, in particular, is the Senegalese style in which twists are created with a ropelike effect. As the hair is twisted, the stylist (or yourself) coils the hair while twisting down to the ends.

two strand twist with braids
Mix and match with twists and braids.

5. Two Strand Twists Styles on Box Braided Hair

Zoom in just a bit and you’ll notice this two strand twist style starts off as a box braid and ends with a Senegalese-style two strand twist. Mixing and matching the styles is a great way to get the best of both worlds. Keep this style fresh and oil-free with a few sprays of Nexxus Keraphix Dry Shampoo in between washes.

two strand twists side swept style
Mix it up with braids and regular twists at the ends.

6. Braid and Twist Style

Just like the aforementioned style, this style also starts off with a box braid. However, the ends are more of your regular two strand twist style. Try this method out and take styling inspiration from this side-swept look. To keep your hair in place, use hairpins to secure.

two strand twists side part style
Sweep twists over to the side to update your look.

 7. Side Parted Two Strand Twist Styles

Just like your everyday blowout hairstyle, a two strand twist hairstyle can be updated by changing the direction of your part. Try a middle part or side part as demonstrated above to alter your overall look.

twist style in a hair bun with headband
Pull your twists up into a sophisticated bun for special occasions.

8. Two Strand Twist Bun

Most girls like to switch up their two strand twist styles and create updos like buns for special occasions. You can even dress your twisted updo up with hair accessories like headbands to take your styling game for fancy events one step further.

two strand twist styles with straight ends
Micro twists with super straight ends are worth the time it takes to create.

9. Micro Two Strand Twist Styles

In this style above, individual two strand twists are made in small sections with super straight ends. This style takes quite a few hours to finish but the gorgeous result is worth the wait. Finish the look with Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Hairspray for a super shiny and healthy look.

two strand twist with French braid
One chic chunky French braid is a stylish way to contain your twists for day or night.

10. French Braid on Two Strand Twist Styles

Other than an updo, another way to gather your twist into one is by creating a neat French braid. Pull all your braids the one side, braid till you reach the ends, and secure with a hair tie. Braid your twists loosely to get this chunky effect. This style can also be used as your nighttime maintenance routine.

two strand twist with accent braid.
A pop of color creates a fun style statement on your twisted style.

11. Two Strand Twist Styles with Accent Braids

No matter what kind of twist style you wear, there’s always a way to have fun with the look! This style takes accent braids up a notch with a fun pop of color added to it. Go bold and try some of your favorite hues.

two strand twist chunky
Simple and pretty! Sometimes all you need are two twists and your style is a hit! Photo credit: Dvora

12. Chunky Two Strand Twist

If multiple twists aren’t your style you can opt for this chunky twist updo. We feel you, some of us don’t have the patience to sit in a chair for hours getting our hair done. This hairdo is simple, easy and is also a great protective style all year round. Keep your style tamed and edges maintained with Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel. This gel will keep your style frizz free and create a silky texture in your strands.


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