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Can Hair Serum Really Transform Your Hair?

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So many benefits, one little bottle. 

What if we told you there was a hair care product that could detangle, add shine and smooth your hair? We know, it sounds almost too good to be true, but it’s actually totally possible with a great hair serum. Serums are powerhouse products that can transform your hair with each use. Read on to learn how exactly this miracle product can revamp your hair.

How Hair Serum Can Improve Your Locks

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Beyond the glow: Hair serum does more than just make locks shine. Photo credit:

Most hair serums tend to follow the same rules. They are silicone-based, and are usually applied to wet hair in order to be evenly distributed from root to tips. The silicone acts as a shield on the outer layer of each individual strand, sealing it and keeping it protected. Serums can vary in thickness, how emollient they are and how much shine and smoothness they can impart on your hair. Choosing the right serum for you is very important to getting your desired results.

1. Frizz-Fighter

If it is your personal vendetta to fight frizz on a daily basis, a lightweight but hardworking hair serum  is meant for you. Serums coat each strand, locking in moisture and keeping external humidity out, therefore preventing frizz and flyaways. For those with thinner hair, look for lighter-wearing serums to fight frizz without weighing down your mane, such as TRESemmé Keratin Infusing Smoothing Serum, which helps add some much-needed keratin proteins to nourish your hair while keeping frizz at bay. If you have naturally curly hair, protect from frizz with a more moisturizing formula such as Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Creme Serum. It has a thicker, creamier formula ideal for maintaining shine and structure in curls without the weighdown.

2. Smooth Operator

Most, if not all serums promise to leave you with smoother looking hair. So if your main goal is to have soft and smooth hair, full stop, serums formulated with a light oil that maintain a bit of volume are your best bet. Dove Regenerative Nourishment Serum in Oil is a one-two punch, giving you the benefits of both a hair oil and a serum. The oil can help nourish and repair hair damaged through your normal styling routine, while the serum component will keep your hair protected, shiny, and most importantly, smooth and tangle-free.

3. Anti-Breakage

Damaged hair is more likely to be prone to breakage. Using a serum with anti-breakage benefits in mind like Suave Biotin Infusion Anti-Breakage Serum, which helps strengthen the weakest points in your hair to prevent split ends. Adding in a biotin or keratin-infused hair serum into your hair care routine can also help protect your tresses from the outside in and give you shiny, healthy-looking hair that’s easily styled and managed as well. It’s like two for the price of one.

4. Damage Control

Severely damaged locks need a particularly powerful helping hand to spring back into shape. Nexxus Encapsulate Serum is lightweight and can dramatically improve the state of damaged hair (plus, the really pretty pearlized oils help us feel good about pumping it on our strands). The oil and serum mix when the hair serum is dispersed, giving you an ultimate double-duty in hair repair and protection.

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29 September 2016