Your Post-Halloween Hair Care Guide

Alyssa François | 31 October 2016

Your 4-step guide to bringing your Halloween hair back to life.

We’re as excited for Halloween as anyone else. We have our spooky Halloween hair ideas ready but we’re dreading the takedown and cleaning process (ugh). Just like you, we can’t seem to wrap our heads around detangling a teased updo, dusting off glitter from our roots, and a hair wash? Let’s not even go there, right?

But we actually have to go there since a proper post-Halloween hair wash routine needs to be formulated A.S.A.P or we’ll run the risk of dealing with dry, damaged hair — and no one has time for that! We’re putting the “treat” in “trick-or-treat” by treating you with a four-step guide to caring for your hair after all your Halloween fun!

Halloween Hair: How to Wash & Treat Post Holiday

zombie Halloween hair
It was fun while it lasted! Remove your Halloween hair with a clarifying shampoo and a conditioning session. Photo credit:

1. Rinse hair.

We know, we know, you’re ready to get rid of your Halloween hairstyle STAT! Before cutting right to the chase and applying shampoo, rinse your hair first. Run warm water through your hair to help open the hair cuticle and to loosen up any buildup a.k.a product overload.

2. Wash with clarifying shampoo.

Some of us go above and beyond when it comes to Halloween. Whether you piled on mousse to get Karen from Stranger Thingshair, or channeled a vampire look from the runways by slathering a copious amount of white chalk or spray all over your hair, it’s time to get all of it out.

Use a clarifying shampoo, like the Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo, to remove the buildup from your hair. Begin cleansing hair from the roots and allow the shampoo to run through your strands while you rinse. If you need to go back and cleanse a second time, repeat the process.

2. Condition your hair.

Two reasons you can’t skip this step: Some Halloween hair products can be super drying to the hair, and if you used a clarifying shampoo, it gives the hair that squeaky clean feeling. Besides conditioning the hair follicles, many conditioners are optimized to moisturize the hair. Use moisturizing conditioner (we love: Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Deep Moisture Conditioner) to replenish moisture back into the hair.

4. Double condition with a leave-in treatment.

Yes, Halloween only happens one time a year, but that’s quite enough time for your hair to become susceptible to damage. After conditioning, use a leave-in conditioner for extra conditioning post-wash. Try a leave-in conditioner, like Nexxus Hydra-Light Leave-In Conditioning Foam, to lock in moisture and shine before styling your hair.

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