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How Can You Tell If You Have Normal Porosity Hair?

A hair care science lesson.

These days we’re really into hair porosity, and when you have someone like Unilever’s Senior Hair Manager, Leon Van-Gorkom to give you the truth beneath the hair shaft, you grow curiouser and curiouser by the day. I mean, why wouldn’t we! If you had the opportunity to figure out if you had low, high or normal porosity hair so you can curate your own hair care regimen based on your hair type —or in this case, porosity — you would. After all, you did resolve to take better care for your hair in 2017, right?

This is where we step in! Read on to learn how you can test your hair porosity at home. And if you past the normal porosity test (lucky you!), we’re also providing tips on how to maintain your porosity and what products to include in your at-home hair care regimen.

Normal Porosity Hair Explained

1. The Normal Porosity Hair Test

Remember those cool hands-on science projects we all loved back in High School? Well, get ready because we have a little project for you. It’s fun, promise!

To find out your hair’s porosity, fill a spray bottle up with water, and spray it onto your hair, “if it beads up, you have low-porosity hair” explains van-Gorkom. If it soaks in, you have high porosity hair. Does neither? You know what that means — normal porosity.

2. Best Products for Normal Porosity Hair Types

“For “normal porosity” hair, you want to look for systems designed for normal to dry hair, as you don’t need a lot of conditioning.  You might try Dove Oxygen Moisture. As always, it is important to get the right product for your hair type. Fine hair does not need heavy conditioning, while coarse, curly hair does,” van-Gorkom explains.

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No matter your hair’s porosity keep frizz at bay with serums and styling oils. Photo credit:

3. What Does the Seasons Have to Do With It?

Good news: “Different seasons do not affect hair’s porosity” says Van-Gorkom. But not so fast, “the different seasons will have a different impact depending on your hair’s porosity.” According to Leon, if you have damaged hair with a low porosity it may frizz much quicker than normal porosity hair types. However, don’t think you’re exempt from a frizzy situation. Normal porosity hair types should still utilize styling products like serums or hair oils to tame or prevent frizz. Editors’ pick: Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil.

4. How Does One Maintain a Normal Porosity?

Short answer: Whatever you’ve been doing, keep doing it. Long answer: “Limit damage to your hair – try to use protective products before heat styling or combing/brushing to reduce the amount of damage,” Van-Gorkom advises.

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26 January 2017