4 Hair Don’ts and How to Change Them

Serena Norr | 19 June 2016

Break out of your hair rut for good.

We all get in a rut when it comes to our hair. The problem is when these seemingly innocent hair ruts take over our how we style and do our hair. Oh, you know the daily ponytail (totally guilty of this), the over styling, the heat and on and on. We all want the best looking styles for our hair, but sometimes our routines get the better of us where we never try anything new, or worse, our habits can actually be damaging to our hair! For the most part, some of these classic hair don’ts are a matter of changing a few things here and there. Read on to discover how to break from your typical hair don’ts.

Hair Don’ts (and How to Change Them)

hair don'ts classic pony

1. Hair Don’t: You always wear a ponytail.

Just like you, we are obessed with our ponytails. Without actually admitting it, cause that would mean pony’s are a problem. And they aren’t cause how else would you get your hair out of your face on a hot day, in yoga class or when you are having a bad hair day! The problem is you wear it all the time. Not only can get this get boring over time, it can cause your hair to break and become damaged

How to change this: Give up the ponytails! We know, sounds harsh, right? How about we meet you in the middle where you give them up for everyday wear and only use them when you are sweaty real bad. This applies to the gym and the dead heat of August. To replace your regular ponytail use, try out new hair tutorials at least once a week. You’ll be amazed at the options that are out there, including some easy and care-free styles for summer.

2. Hair Don’t: You don’t use the right shampoo and condition.

There are so many shampoos and conditioners out there. It can get so confusing as what to use and how to use it. The simplest way to look at is a shampoo and conditioner should be used as a unit to reap it’s maximum benefits for your hair.

How to change this: First you’ll have to know your hair type and then discover a shampoo and conditioner for this type. The main thing is to use this as a system. You’ll be amazed at how different your hair will look (and feel!) by mking this simple change. Try out a moisturizing system like the Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and the Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner.

3. Hair Don’t: You use too much heat.

We have certainly been there in the quest for the sleek strands or those with bounce. The problem is when you rely on heat styling everyday. Not only are you locking yourself into one style, you’re actually making yourself dependent on heat to achieve look. And the worse offender of them all – too much heat might cause your hair to break and/or become dry and damaged.

How to change this: Just like the beloved ponytail, you have to give your hair a break by using less heat. Notice how we said less and not none. Try this by skipping a week from blowdrying where you let your hair air-dry. If you have frizzy locks that you normally tame with heat, use a serum like Dove Quench Absolute Creme Serum whose formula can nourish your hair while making it manageable. When you do blow-dry, be sure to protect your strands by using a heat protectant like the TRESemmé Platinum Strength Heat Spray.

4. Hair Don’t You don’t try anything new.

A classic hair don’t that we’ve all succumbed to is not trying anything new. While that signature half updo (insert your go-to style here) may have been your everything, for, well, forever, you’re missing a whole world of new and interesting hairstyles to try out and experiment with.

How to change this: As simple as it sounds, try something new every week! This can be something as basic as a part change to trying out a new braid. Check out our hair gallery for some inspiring new ideas.

We all get stick in how we style and treat our hair. We hope this list will help you mix things up a bit to get out of your hair rut.

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