Woman with shoulder length medium natural curls styled into a half up style

5 Easy Curly Hair Tips That’ll Change Your Styling Routine

Are you ready to revolutionise your curly hair routine?

If you’re lucky enough to have gorgeous natural curls, you’ll know that maintaining them and their unique shape isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Due to the unique shape of curly hair, this hair type is prone to frizz, dryness and is often coarse. But here’s the great thing: with the right curly hair tips and products, you can have the best curls ever.

If you want beautiful, bouncy curls that last, here are 5 super easy tips we suggest you follow to help your curls reach their full potential. Go on, your curls deserve it!

Tip 1. Up the Hydration

Since curly hair is characteristically dry, it needs all the hydration it can get to help it look its best. From cleansing conditioners to nourishing hair masks, it’s important to include a variety of moisturising products in your hair routine to successfully reduce frizz and boost softness.

If you’re worried about weighing down your curls, simply use your fingers to apply serums, oils or styling cream to the ends of your hair, where attention is needed the most.

Tip 2. Refresh with an Overnight Curl Cream

Good curl days don’t have to end! You can make your look last longer and wake up to flawless, defined curls every day with the help of the VO5 Overnight Curl Cream. We’ve mentioned how important moisture is for curls, so using this cream before you sleep, will nourish, refresh and revive them, helping you achieve the best curls ever.

Tip 3. Preserve Your Curls While You Sleep

After squeezing and distributing a small amount of the VO5 Overnight Curl Cream throughout the mid-lengths and ends of wet hair, twist or braid your curls in place to help them keep their shape. Doing this will ensure they won’t flatten and preserve your look while you sleep, so you can wake up to beautiful curls every day, without doing much at all.

Tip 4. Define with a Curling Mousse

Want to know the secret behind great curls? Mousse, of course! Now, we aren’t talking about any old mousse, we’re talking about mousse that is designed with curls in mind… Enter the VO5 Curl Defining Mousse, which works to enhance and encourage your natural curl pattern, soften strands and reduce frizz. It’s the perfect product to have in your curly hair wardrobe!

For beautifully defined spirals, apply to dried hair, scrunch and leave to air dry.

Tip 5. Perfect Your Drying Technique

If you aren’t plopping your curls after you wash your hair, you’re missing a trick. Hair plopping is a technique that involves wrapping your wet hair tightly in a cotton T-shirt, as it is gentler on curls and doesn’t disturb their amazing shape. Compressing your curls in this way reduces friction, leaving you with smooth, bouncy curls.


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