25 Best Rainbow Hair Colours For Men and Women

If just one colour isn't exciting enough for you, you'll love these rainbow hair looks.

It’s official: Wherever you look, rainbow hair is everywhere right now. Whether it’s the Pride celebrations that have got us feeling the rainbow love or the fact that everyone from Cardi B and Taylor Swift to Kanye West and J Balvin have donned rainbow hairstyles recently, one thing’s for sure: wearing one lone colour in your hair is so last year.

Here, to help you nail the most buzzworthy hair colour trend just in time for festival season, we’ve put together the best rainbow hair inspiration we could find.

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Best Rainbow Hair Colour Ideas for Women

You didn’t think there was only one way to rock rainbow hair, did you? Discover some of our favourite rainbow-coloured combinations here, from subtle hidden highlights to bold and bright neon looks.


Woman with pastel rainbow wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/hair_by_marcie

Taste the rainbow with this enchanting pastel hue. The silver base perfectly complements the striking pastel colours and helps each hue pop. Credit: @hair_by_marcie


Woman with pastel rainbow bob
Credit: Instagram.com/pink_nouveau

Got short strands but want to get in on the rainbow hair colour trend? This pastel-hued bob is all the inspiration you need. Credit: pink_nouveau


Woman with blonde hair and rainbow ombre
Credit: Instagram.com/lishayhairdesign

Take away the stress of regrowth with a low-maintenance dip-dye ombre. Credit: @lishayhairdesign


Woman with blonde wavy hair and hidden rainbow colour
Credit: Instagram.com/taylorhairholmes

Show off your quirky side with this hidden rainbow hue. Not only is this super clever but the surprise factor will win over all your friends. Credit: @taylorhairholmes


Woman with long rainbow hair in half-up braid
Credit: Instagram.com/_hairbymar_

Show off your multi-coloured hue with a fun braid hairstyle. This half-up, half-down braid is the perfect pick and allows you to get the best of both worlds. Credit: @_hairbymar_


Woman with long blonde hair with peekaboo rainbow highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/ashlynnthehairwitch

Are you looking for a festival hairstyle? Get creative with your current hue by adding fun peekaboo highlights through the lengths of your hair. Credit: @ashlynnthehairwitch

Rainbow on dark hair

Woman with long dark rainbow hair
Credit: Instagram.com/therainbowhairartist

If you have naturally dark hair there’s no need to be left out of all the rainbow hue action. Get in on the trend by adding deep-toned rainbow hue highlights throughout your hair. Credit: @therainbowhairartist


Woman with curly rainbow hair
Credit: Instagram.com/mayasworld

Ready to make your curls pop? Give your curly tresses an update by adding a mix of rainbow coloured hues to your strands. Credit: @mayasworld

Rainbow unicorn hair

Woman with long wavy rainbow hair
Credit: Instagram.com/shellygregoryhair

Always dreamt of having hair like a mythical creature? Then you’ll love this unicorn rainbow hue, because who wouldn’t like to look like a My Little Pony? Credit: @shelleygregoryhair


Woman with long wavy rainbow ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/adlydesign

Give your long tresses the colour makeover of their life with this vibrant rainbow coloured hue. Credit: @adlydesign


Woman with long neon rainbow hair in a braided half-up
Credit: Instagram.com/hairbymaressa

If you love experimenting with hair colour and never shy away from a bold look, then this neon rainbow hue is just the look for you. It’s bold, it’s loud and it’s proud.  Credit: @hairbymaressa


Woman with blonde pixie cut with rainbow colour fringe
Credit: Instagram.com/jepavant

This sweet rainbow hue is a great alternative to all over colour. Paired beautifully with a blonde pixie, this rainbow hue is all kinds of fun. Credit: @jepavant


Woman with straight long bob with rainbow roots
Credit: Instagram.com/kristinacheeseman

These rainbow roots are ticking all our hair boxes. Not only is it incredibly beautiful and unique, but we think it’s the ideal look for Pride.  Credit: @kristinacheeseman


Woman with dark brown wavy hair and rainbow highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/hairbyciarajean

Extensions are fab for so many reasons. They can help to add volume, length and, in this case, colour to our strands without the commitment or damage. Credit: @hairbyciarajean

Best Rainbow Hair Colour Ideas for Men

From quiffs to undercuts, bowl cuts to buzz cuts, here’s how to rock rainbow hairstyles for men.


Man with rainbow quiff hair
Credit: Instagram.com/monaural1

Mix the old and the new with this timeless rainbow quiff hairstyle. Credit: @monaural1

Buzz cut

Man with rainbow buzzcut
Credit: Instagram.com/kissmyspaz

Don’t let short hair hold you back from living your best hair life. This guy is channelling Frank Ocean with his rainbow coloured buzz cut. Credit: @kissmyspaz


Guy with brown hair and rainbow highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/cheryl.at.bespokesalon

Highlights are a great way to add some interest to your strands and these rainbow highlights are a perfect way to tap into the trend in a more subtle way.  Credit: @cheryl.at.bespokesalon

Bowl cut

Man with rainbow bowl cut hair
Credit: Instagram.com/buzzcutbby

We admit this isn’t one for the faint-hearted but if you’re brave enough this bowl cut and rainbow hue combination is for you. Credit: @buzzcutbby

French crop

Man with rainbow coloured french crop
Credit: Instagram.com/mitchmcleod

Currently rocking a French crop and looking for rainbow hair inspiration? We think this guy has you covered. Credit: @mitchmcleod

Peekaboo quiff

Man with rainbow quiff hair
Credit: Instagram.com/adrian_is

We love how this guy has teamed his already striking platinum hue with peekaboo rainbow highlights. Credit: @adrian_is

Rainbow curls

Man with rainbow coloured curly short hair
Credit: Instagram.com/natashaspethhair

Boost your curls with a funky rainbow hue for Pride this summer. Credit: @natashaspethhair


Man with rainbow undercut
Credit: Instagram.com/by_staph

Make a style statement with this colourful undercut. Keep the back and sides of your head your natural colour and only add the colour to the top for a unique finish. Credit: @by_staph

Pastel for men

Guy with pastel rainbow hair
Credit: Instagram.com/dopestyles_

Turn heads with this magical pastel rainbow hue. The multicoloured highlights look amazing against this guy’s silver base. Credit: @dopestyles_

What rainbow hair colour is best for me?

Two women with multicoloured rainbow hair
There are a few factors to consider when choosing what colour to go for. Credit: Instagram.com/laurlahair

If you’re trying to figure out which rainbow hair colour will suit you best, there are a few things to consider. Credit: @laurlahair

1. It probably isn’t going to happen in one sitting

In order to get the most vibrant rainbow hue, the hair often needs to be bleached first – sometimes multiple times over if your hair is naturally dark. It’s best to have a consultation with your colourist beforehand to talk through the process and what they think will be possible to achieve in one appointment so that you go in with realistic expectations.

2. The upkeep is no joke

Maintaining rainbow hair takes a lot of commitment, so if you’re a wash-and-go kind of girl be prepared to have to spend more time caring for your hair to keep it in the best condition. Some styles (like ombre or peekaboo highlights) won’t require as frequent touch-ups as allover hues, so this is something to bear in mind.

3. It can be pricy

It’s expensive to maintain rainbow hair, so before you commit consider how often you can feasibly afford to go to the salon.

4. The growing out stage can be difficult

You may need to redye all of your hair to cover up the colour or wait until your natural shade has grown out, which could take months or even years (depending on the length).

How to get rainbow hair

Brunette woman with hidden rainbow hair
If you’re thinking about getting rainbow coloured hair, it’s best to find a salon that specialises in colour. Credit: Instagram.com/notanothersalon

With coloured hair becoming more a trend, there are more and more at-home DIY hair dye kits available. These are great if you’re looking to add rainbow tips to your hair or want to try out a fun semi-permanent look but if you’re looking to rock the hue more permanently we would advise you to go to a salon. Credit: @notanothersalon

Not all hairstylists will be trained or confident in creating such creative coloured looks, so we recommend doing your research and looking on Instagram to find a salon that specialises in coloured hair.

A patch test will usually be required at least 48 hours before your appointment to check you’re not allergic to the dye. It’s important to note that even if you’ve dyed your hair in the past, the ingredients in different colours and brands of dyes vary, so just because you haven’t had a reaction in the past doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t next time.

Rainbow hair colour tips and maintenance

Rainbow hair calls for extra special care to keep it looking vibrant. Here are our tips for making your colour last longer:

Limit heat styling



Colour-treated hair is more fragile than unprocessed hair, so you should be more conscious about blowdrying, curling and straightening your hair and try to limit the use of heat as much as you can.

When you do use heated styling tools, remember to always use a heat protectant spray like the VO5 Heat Protect Spray to protect your strands and keep damage to a minimum.

Avoid washing your hair too often

Overwashing coloured hair can lead to dryness and colour fade, so if you’re used to washing your hair every day, try spacing it out to every 3 or 4 days instead. Using dry shampoo is a great way to tide you over on non-wash days and keep your hair fresh and grease-free.

Use colour-friendly hair care


While your regular shampoo might do a great job at cleansing your hair, some can be too stripping for coloured hair which can lead to your colour fading faster. Try switching your usual products out for the TRESemmé Colour Shineplex Shampoo and Conditioner, which are sulphate-free and work to maintain vibrancy and shine for up to 12 weeks.

Deep condition make regularly

Coloured hair is more vulnerable to damage and breakage, so make sure to treat your hair to a nourishing mask, like the TONI&GUY Damage Repair Mask as part of your weekly hair routine.

Stay out of direct sunlight

The sun is one of the worst causes of colour fade and can leave your hair looking dull and your colour flat and lacking shine. To tackle this, wear a sunhat during the day (especially when the sun is at its strongest) to stop your rainbow hair from lightening.

Avoid swimming pools

You’ve probably heard of blonde hair turning green from swimming pools, but it’s not just blondes who are at risk. Chlorinated water can cause your colour to fade prematurely, as well as drying it out and making it frizzy.

If you don’t want to wear a swim cap, rinse your hair in the shower with water before getting into the pool to stop it from soaking up as much chlorine. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner to act as a barrier between your hair and the chlorine.


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