VO5 Overnight Curl Cream

VO5 Overnight Curl Cream
We know that curl-devotees are always on the lookout for styling products that can help their curls look their best while curbing frizz and dryness! The good news is that there’s a quick way to solve this problem and it starts right before you go to sleep. The VO5 Overnight Curl Cream has been designed to slot into your daily routine; simply apply to your hair before you sleep. When you wake up, undo your hair and let your curls fall into place!
Brand: VO5
Manufacturer: UNILEVER

Is It Right For Me?

Make waking up to effortless curls a reality with the help of this overnight curl cream. Designed to fit into your nightly hair routine, this frizz-fighting and curl-enhancing cream works to revive your hair while you catch up on your beauty sleep. This means you won’t need to worry about your curls looking flat when you wake up! Better curl days are coming.

Best for:

  • Curly Curly
  • Naturally Curly
  • Frizzy Frizzy
  • Dry Dry
  • Frizzy Frizzy

Top Tip

Style Tip: Scrunch your curls from the bottom up in the morning to help keep a tighter curl for longer.

How To Use

Apply a small amount of this cream throughout the mid-lengths and ends of wet hair, twist or braid your curls in place to help them retain their shape. You can also wrap your hair into a loose bun. When you wake up, undo your hair and let your curls fall into place.