29 Fresh Undercut Long Hair Looks for Men

Give Zayn a run for his money with these rocking undercut long hair looks.  

Undercut long hairstyles for men typically marry together medium to long lengths with a type of buzzed haircut, which can range from a subtle taper fade to something more daring with a patterned hair design.

The type of long undercut you go for will depend on many factors, including how you currently style your hair and whether your hair is straight or has any natural waves or curls to it. So to switch up and embrace your long locks with a sweet new style, read on to find the best fit for you.

Floppy Undercut

brunette man in a tan shearling jacket with floppy hair and an undercut
Balance out floppy locks with an edgy undercut detail. Credit: Instagram.com/jheuston

Fan of the pushed-back boyband hairstyle? Unless you’re going for baby Justin Bieber vibes (in which case, go for it!), working in an undercut will help to add a more alternative, tough look to your sweeping style.

Plus, if anything, the shaved detail will accentuate the hair you do have, drawing more attention to its length and texture. Credit: @jheuston

Editor’s tip: Even though this style is worn to the side, you don’t want to forget to build up the extra body in your locks! How? With the VO5 Lifting Paste.

Work evenly through the hair, using your fingers to lift the hair upwards from the roots. This reworkable paste will help maintain height and fullness, and can be moulded throughout the day to ensure your style stays on point!

Smart Side-Swept Undercut

Man with beard and side-swept long undercut hairstyle
Credit: Instagram.com/braidbarbers

Though this side-swept undercut is more daring, it can easily be teamed with a suit to make it look smart. Credit:@braidbarbers

Tapered Undercut

Man with long side swept fringe with subtle undercut taper
Credit: Unsplash

For a more subtle take on long undercut hairstyles, opt for a classic taper fade undercut style like this.

Slicked Back Undercut

Man with long slicked back undercut hairstyle with beard
Credit: Instagram.com/menshair

If your hair is straight, consider having it cut like this so you can slick your hair back and draw attention to your cool undercut. Credit: 

Undercut with Long Fringe

Man with long curly fringe and low undercut fade
Credit: Instagram.com/braidbarbers

This example of a low fade undercut is perfect for those who want to add a trendy edge to their curly long fringe hairstyle. Credit: @braidbarbers

Pompadour Undercut

Man with a grey pompadour haircut with taper undercut with beard
Credit: Instagram.com/ommeeed.22

Looking to take your hairstyle to new heights? Try this dapper grey pompadour complete with a tapered undercut. Credit: @ommeeed.22

Layered Undercut

Man with long layered undercut hairstyle with smart beard
Credit: Instagram.com/menshair

Create the illusion of volume in long straight hair by working in layers. This will give your look more dimension and make your undercut stand out. Credit: @menshair

Messy Long Hair with Undercut

Man with curly long dyed pink hair with undercut
Credit: Unsplash

Blessed (or cursed, however you see it!) with thick, long hair? Undercut styles can help alleviate some of the weight if you have lots of hair, making it quicker to wash, easier to style and generally less hassle to manage.

Plus, paired with a rugged, grown-out beard, it makes for the most perfect Tarzan tribute – just don’t go swinging from the trees in your neighbourhood, okay?

Long Hair with Temple Undercut

Man with long straight hair and bald side undercut hairstyle
Credit: Instagram.com/dylan_aires

Not quite ready to chop off the underside of your hair? A subtle temple undercut like this is exactly what you need to refresh your long hair. Credit: @dylan_aires

Metalhead Undercut

Man with extra long red hair with bold long undercut hairstyle
Credit: Instagram.com/wishuwerehair

If your top hair icons are metal stars, you can reach your full hair potential by copying this bold undercut style. Credit:

Man Bun with Undercut

side profile of an asian man with a samurai style top knot and undercut
This man bun and undercut combo makes a real statement. Credit: Instagram.com/

Man buns are undeniably one of the most popular modern hairstyles for men. But when a style is so well-loved it can be hard to make it your own…

To add a unique twist to your look, try incorporating an undercut. Long hair can still be tied up into a top knot but you’ll get extra style points for the accompanying buzz cut sides. Credit: @shane_macademia

Long Man Braids with Undercut

back view of a man with dark long hair in a braided ponytail with an undercut
Even Khal Drogo has to visit the barbers. Credit: Instagram.com/triedandtruesalon

We’ve had man buns, bronies (that’s bro ponies, obvs!) and now it’s the turn of the bro braids. What style should you go for? Well, we say the more Viking-inspired the better, so try out different braiding and twisting methods to create a look that would make even Khal Drogo jealous. Credit: @triedandtruesalon

Braided Undercut

Man with a undercut and braided long hair
Credit: Instagram.com/ali_.kurt

Thick hair? Complement your taper undercut with some trendy cornrows like this, to make a serious style statement. Credit: @ali_.kurt

Smart Man Bun with Undercut

Man with a smart man bun undercut hairstyle

Man buns aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And, by braving the shave and getting an undercut, you can ensure your overall style is unique.

Undercut with Braids

Black man with long braids with taper undercut
Credit: Unsplash

For an eye-catching juxtaposition, ask your stylist to shave off half of your hair like this.

Man with braided topknot and undercut hairstyle
Credit: Unsplash

This distinct look is another example of how you can sport braids with a cool undercut.

Long Curly Hair with Undercut

coloured photo of a man with long curly hair and an undercut
Curly hair for men has never been so on-trend. Credit: Instagram.com/vucci92

Believe it or not, you don’t have to have straight hair to be able to grow it out. Curls add a sexy, beachy texture to any style and a long undercut can be that finishing touch that you need to take your look to the next level. Credit: @vucci92

Editor’s tip: For true surfer dude style, scrunch a few spritzes of the TONI&GUY Messy Salt Spray through your hair when wet after washing (but it can also be used on dry hair). This will help to enhance your curls and give you a tousled, windswept look.

Forward-Swept Undercut

Man long blonde hair and taper undercut style
Credit: Unsplash

If your long hair falls naturally forwards, you can stop yourself from getting bored with your look with this classic buzzed sides and back style.

Clean Undercut

Man with straight hair and disconnected undercut
Credit: Nick Urteaga

Edgy and high-impact, this polished look is great for men who want to make the most out of their straight hair texture.

Daring Undercut

Man with long shaved hair with buzzed undercut
Credit: Instagram.com/lukewatson3187

Aren’t afraid of turning a few heads? Then this striking undercut is the cut to try.

Thick Man Bun with Undercut

man with a brunette man bun with shaved undercut detail
The bigger the bun, the more… fun! Credit: Instagram.com/arron24395

We mentioned earlier that adding a long undercut in is a great way to shake up a standard man bun, but here’s another look for you to try. If you’ve got few extra minutes to spend on your styling, try making a neater, oversized bun that’s larger than your usual look, as this will compliment your stand-out undercut perfectly.

You might need to use some clips or an extra hairband to secure it in place but it’s worth the extra effort, trust us! Credit: @arron24395

Editor’s tip: If you find you’re suffering from frizziness around your hairline or neck when you put your hair up, reach for the VO5 Fluff Tamer. This will help to tame any rebellious cowlicks or flyaways, giving you a more polished finish.

Dreaded Man Bun with Undercut

Man with long undercut and blonde dreads styled into a bun
Credit: Unsplash

For an undisputably trendy take on the trend, consider partnering long dreads with a classic undercut.

Man with long dreadlocks with undercut styled into man bun
Credit: Instagram.com/mightylocs

You’ll get extra points for working your look into a man bun. Credit:@mightylocs

Half Pony Undercut

Man with disconnected undercut haircut with long hair styled into a ponytail and beard
Credit: Instagram.com/hvergelmir85

Inspired by the Vikings show? Then, this is the right long undercut hairstyle for you.

Undercut with Viking Braid

Man with viking braid and bald undercut with beard
Credit: Instagram.com/johnathan.blanc

One of the great things about long undercuts is that they can instantly give your look a cool Viking edge. To achieve this daring style, you’ll need to become a braiding pro. Credit: 

Disconnected Undercut

Man with dark brown long disconnected hairstyle swept backwards
Credit: Unsplash

Create a stark contrast between your long hair up top and your undercut with this edgy, disconnected look.

Man with swept back disconnected skin fade undercut
Credit: Instagram.com/4hairfashion

This undercut hairstyle is kicked up a notch by this sharp disconnected skin fade. Credit: @4hairfashion

Overgrown Undercut

Man with an overgrown long undercut hairstyle with beard
Credit: Instagram.com/dylan_aires

If there’s anything we’re learning from this gentleman, it’s that you won’t need to worry about what your long undercut will look like when it grows out. Credit:  @dylan_aires

Patterned Undercut

Man with long dyed hair styled into bun with patterned undercut
Credit: Instagram.com/barbershopconnect

For an edgy appeal, consider trying a patterned undercut style. You can get as creative as you want or keep things classic with subtle lines. Credit: @barbershopconnect

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